Year 1 Charity Day

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Year One have been skipping to raise money.  Each child had a go at running skipping, throwing the skipping rope up in the air and then walking the squiggle that it fell in.  We had jumping the rope – Matthew managed 50 jumps!  and we had normal skipping.

23 thoughts on “Year 1 Charity Day

  1. SW

    To Mrs Brown,

    I really enjoyed learning to skip to raise money for the orphans in Sierra Leone.

    I like being in year 1 we do lots of fun things like maths. I really enjoy doing new things.

    love from

  2. SW

    To Mrs Brown ,
    I have been thinking and I want to learn about the eleshon and how people choose to vote?
    Or maybe the fucher.

    lots of love from S.W.

  3. Keira

    To Mrs Brown,

    I reall liked the skipping!

    I would also really like to learn about the election.

    Please can we learn about quidditch?

    From KM

  4. Amelia

    Thank you Mrs Brown for teaching us to skip. I really enjoyed it. I would also like to learn French skipping and the Trick Ball. I will bring mine in so you know what this is.
    Lots of love from A.C.

  5. Catherine Cocks

    I hope you all had lot’s of fun! We did dancing for 30 mins! It was very fun,indeed.

  6. Mrs Brown

    Well I have been busy practising french skipping all bank holiday weekend so we can start on Tuesday!!
    I am working on the Quidditch rules!! Who wants to be the snitch?

  7. Alex.w

    Dear Mrs brown I have been practicing French skipping and I have been learning about Chinese jump rope. It is like French skipping and you count in 10s up to 100.
    Love A.W.

  8. jamie h.

    Dear Mrs Brown i would also like to do the chinese jump rope.
    but next can we learn to speak in french.
    love from J.H.

  9. Sam Young Min

    To Mrs. Brown,
    I liked the running and skipping especially and I would also like to learn, ummmm, how to teach!
    From Sam

  10. swanmore Post author

    Hello everyone!
    Wow! What a lot of ideas.
    I think I will have to go back to school to learn about them all!
    (especially the teaching idea 🙂 )
    However…..I think the Chinese jump rope looks good!
    From Mrs Brown


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