Greek Day Architecture

On the 19th November year 6 launched themselves into a different time and became Greeks for the day. Yes, it was an entire day of bad costumes (especially Mr Hughes’) and horrendous acting. With lots of different activities to enjoy the costumes didn’t matter…

Going round in our merit groups, my first activity (and my favourite activity) was architecture in Delphie. We met Tonios Hughseos the greatest architect in the whole of Greece. Entering the room we saw tools and building equipment which got us all buzzing with Greek excitement! We sat at a working desk and listened intently to Mr Hughseos. Our crafty hands were going to be building a Greek Temple. What fun! Gathering our tiles, cement and all the things we needed, we set off. By following Mr Hughseos’ instructions we started to construct a Greek Temple. Building the walls, tiling the roof and connecting pillars (which were a bit fiddily) took hours on end (minutes) but I have to say it was worth it. With a splash of plastering we were done. There infront of us were 16 Greek Temples.


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