Greek Day – Pot making

On the 19th November 2014, year six dived into the world of Greeks. Togas, sandalls and all. Our current project was the Greeks, so we already knew quite a lot. We were all very excited when we found out that Tonious Hughious would be turning us into great architects aswell as the great pot master, the cooks and Mrs Saundious playing apart.

Stiffly we trudged all the way to Athens. Our hands were aching after lifting the heavy bricks in architecture, but we were ready for the next challenge – pottery making! The great pott master and his apprentice greeted us and handed us a large ball of clay. Was it going to be more architecture? No! We were going to be moulding Greek clay pots. Did you know that the Greeks were very talented at their pottery? We were going to be the next generation of Greeks! The great pot master instructed us to seperate the clay into 2/3 and 1/3. The clay felt damp and squishy. Something we would just have to get used to. He then taught us how to make the pott itself and the handle. The time whisked by! After making our work of art, we magnificently decorated them. Making it different from all the others!

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