How to build a Bivvy

Every year Y6 spend their last days in the woods by making a bivvy and then sleeping under it for a night.

This is how to make a strong and sturdy bivvy:

1. First you need to clear out a flat area, remember to make sure that there are no sticks left on the floor as it is not comfortable to be sleeping on them especially as you are not sleeping on a mattress!

2. After you have cleared your area collect lots of heavy sticks, this will help a lot in the night if it is quite windy or rainy.

3. Get the right size tarpaulin, this will save a lot of time when it comes to packing up and it ensures that you will not get wet if it rains. Don’t worry it’s not common for it to fall in on you in the night!

4. Make sure your string is tight as it will have tarps on it and tarps are quite heavy for string.

5. Look for any small bumps on the floor as just a small stick or stem can dig in to your back and can hurt for a long time.

6. Hang your torches from the ceiling as it will act as a ceiling light.

7. Make sure you sleep as close as possible to the nearest person, this will help keep you warmer in the night as it can get very cold!

8. Try to keep your shoes outside as you do not want to get mud on your bivvy ground sheets!

Have a look at our pictures. Do you think we did a good job?

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1 thought on “How to build a Bivvy

  1. Mrs Judy Hillier

    What a brilliant blog page. Congratulations to all the new children joining the school this term. I feel a bit like you joining the school as the new chair of the governing body. All very exciting and so much to learn.

    The trips to the woods look amazing, enjoy sleeping in the home made tents. Glad the weather is keeping fine but I am sure it is great fun whatever the weather.

    Best wishes to all and I look forward to meeting you all


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