Year 3 Pirate Camp and Scooter Mania!

P6112620On Thursday the 11th June Year 3 went camping on the school field. The activities we did were the treasure game, making the pirate hats, putting multilink in our boats we made out of 1 piece of card and 1 piece of paper ,doing pirate bunting and the pirate quiz and the scooter parade .The tents were in a horse shoe shape and it was really exiting .Before bed we had hot dogs and hot chocolate, which was delicious. We also sang some songs .For breakfast we had the choice of bacon sandwhiches or jam sandwhiches. It was so fun! By Eve Perkins and Florence Dempster.

1 thought on “Year 3 Pirate Camp and Scooter Mania!

  1. swanmore Post author

    Wow! It’s great to hear that you had a lovely time girls. Its was a huge adventure for you and for the teachers!

    Mrs Bedford


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