Year 4 trip to Captain Phillimore’s Woods

Year 4 spent yesterday at the woods.  To begin with we took some time to explore how the woods had changed since our last visit; the rain had certainly encouraged the grass and trees to grow, causing it to look very different!  We enjoyed reflecting upon our current topic, habitats, moulding clay into woodland creatures and identifying how they are adapted to their environment.  Among others, we created owls, foxes, hedgehogs and squirrels! 

Following our modelling, we used our imagination to create a suitable homes for our animals.  Some were incorporated into hollows of trees, others were built on fallen logs or propped up against trunks and branches.  We carefully placed our clay animals into their homes and shared them with each other.

1 thought on “Year 4 trip to Captain Phillimore’s Woods

  1. Zak Norris

    I have really enjoyed the trips so far and i am really exited for the next few trips and the activites we are going to do so THANK YOU! to all the grown ups that have helped to make all the trips to captain philimores woods possible.


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