Maypole Merriment

S6302923With only a few weeks to go to the FOSPS Summer fair, Y5 have begun practising

their maypole dancing.  The whole class were so enthusiastic to have a go and grab a ribbon.

The children discovered that it is a little harder than it looks!!!! but with practice and determination they are starting to see the results.

They are keen to put on a really special performance for all their families and friends.


Enjoy the pictures.


Y5 x

2 thoughts on “Maypole Merriment

  1. SacredheartCiara

    I wish I could do that. It looks so much fun in Ballet we some time do ribbon dances, but there not really the same. Good luck!!! 🙂

  2. sacredheartpupil

    Thanks for the pictures of the maypole. They are great. I would love to do that. I hope you enjoy it. It looks so so so so so fun but tricky.
    From Mia


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