Year 4D “Tropical” Woods Visit

Glorious weather allowed us to have a tropical visit to Captain Phillimore’s woods on Tuesday. The walk to the woods which is approximately 2 miles was fun but we had to stop a couple of times to drink our water as the temperature was soaring so it took us a little longer to get there!

We had a fun packed day exploring the woods for all the different types of leaves on the plants and trees and then sketching them in our books. In partners we then completed a scavenger hunt which some of us found a little tricky!

We ate our packed lunch with the sun shining down on all of us, it was wonderful.

In the afternoon we shared with each other a special “something” we had found in the woods and why it was special.

Luckily our teacher had reminded us all to keep some water in our bottles so we were all able to have our last sunshine water stop on our way back to school. It was a wonderful day and the sunshine helped keep the smiles on our faces all day.

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