What a Performance!

Lights, camera, action!  Last night year 4 performed a spectacular performance of the play Splash in fact we all agree it was splashtastic!

The school hall was full of excited family and friends. The lights dimmed and year 4 entered with their colourful costumes and painted faces. The show was a great success and our singing had all the audience jigging in their seats, even our terrible jokes made people laugh!

This was the performance of our lives – we had great fun.

Libby Ethan and Lydia

2 thoughts on “What a Performance!

  1. Sallyann Smith

    Year 4 – Thank you so much for giving such an amazing performance of Splash. The acting, dancing and singing were all superb. I even thought most of the jokes were funny!! Well done – you should all be very proud of yourselves!!


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