This year KS1 are presenting the Russian story of ‘Babushka’ as their Christmas production.

Houseproud Babushka is so busy sweeping away cobwebs, spiders, flies and mice that she nearly misses the birth of baby Jesus. Luckily she eventually decides to go to the stable meeting lots of travellers on the way handing out gifts. The twist in the tale is what she finds in the stable!

Make sure you have ordered your tickets – we are practising hard and singing well- don’t miss it on December 6th and 7th!

1 thought on “Babushka

  1. Aisling and Anna from Sacred Heart School Ilkley

    You’re doing Babushka, we did that performance when we were little! I bet it is really fun practising your production, but it must be very hard learning all the lines! You must be very brave doing it in year 1! Good luck!


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