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Y4 Curriculum Update

Hi all,

Half term seems a distant memory but we are all excited about our new project: our production. Rehearsals have started this week and the signs are promising for a fabulous play. Thank you for your support helping the children learn their lines. We have sent home the song lyrics this weekend too.

Maths: We worked at various aspects of time in the first week back and now we are building on our multiplication knowledge and skills.

English: Whilst we were away the children did a lot of punctuation and grammar skills. This week we have looked at play script features and the children wrote their our own scene from ZOOM!

All the best.

Y4 Team

Y4 Curriculum BOTTLES, BOTTLES, Blog

Hi all,

Oh NO! We were hoping for a snow day or at least a good snowball fight on the field but alas it was not to be and all we’ve got to show for the cold weather is chilblains on Mr Hughes’ fingers. At least the children can see what they look like as they are mentioned in Carrie’ War. The extra efforts some teachers are prepared to go surely must be commended. Any how…

We have been busy busy busy. In maths we have been learning the names of the triangles and their properties. I’m sure you remember, but just in case it has slipped from the memory they are: equilateral, scalene and isosceles (all a joy to spell). Why not ask your child about them to see how much they have remembered. We also looked at acute, obtuse and right angles – you played a lovely game as a homework. We are now back to ‘number’ and learning how to add 4-digit numbers. We have looked briefly at mental strategies (first option to consider) and are now working on written methods which are either an expanded method or the compact method (probably the way you add on paper). We’ll be moving on to subtraction soon.

In English, Carrie’s War continues to be the stimulus for our work. This has included atmospheric descriptive writing, a letter, comparisons of places and speech. We introduced  new SAS sentences: Description, which + simile and Ad, same ad. Examples would be:

The twisting path was lined with white stones, which looked like bleached skulls.


Mr Evans was a cruel man, cruel because he made Auntie Lou feel small and guilty.

Why not have a go with your children at making some more up. The Ad, same ad is particularly fun to do for family members!

We’ve also been practising our war time dances. More time is needed but hopefully they will be ready for the open afternoon.

Oh finally, if you got this far, don’t forget to bring in the bottles! The day won’t work without them and we really don’t have any at school.



Y4 Team


Y4 Curriculum Update

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year to you all.

We’ve been back for two weeks and we’ve made a great start to the new term. The Blitz pictures look amazing and water bottle planes have started construction (they’re fly like overfed penguins but they’re look great).

In maths we have been finding unit fractions (1/3, 1/10…) of a set and non-unit fractions (2/3, 7/10…) of a set. Impressive! We have also ordered decimals which the children did brilliantly. A little bit of shape next week.

In English we have been inspired by the book Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden (an author that is no relation to Mr Hughes – see previous blog about The Iron Man). The children wrote super accounts of being evacuated using lots of ‘Tier 2’ emotion words. From now on when you ask them how they are, do not accept simple replies of ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ but expect such delicious responses such as ‘exhilarated’ and ‘despairing’ if they look confused and say, ‘flummoxed’  that’s just splendid. We will be letting you know about a reading meeting soon when we will talk more about tier 2 words and other helpful information.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in World War II memorabilia – it really helps bring the subject to life.

Year 4 team

Y4 Curriculum update

Dear festive friends,

Thank you so much for all your support this week. For those of you who could make it, the samba concert was LOUD but also pretty musical and the children did fantastically well. A special thank you must go to Mrs McIntyre for all her hard work. The children approached the Enterprise Project with huge enthusiasm and energy and produced some pretty fine goods to sell. It was lovely watching the children selling back to you the jars you had sent in (even Sir Alan Sugar would be impressed by that). It felt like Winchester Christmas Market but better. Not only have the children’s business acumen improved but Mr Down cooked his first ever ginger-bread biscuits. He said he won’t be baking any time soon at home though. We raised over £125 for the St. George Foundation which is a very worthy cause.

We’ve also been doing other stuff as well. The children invented and wrote detailed explanations about a Christmas Cracker Machine and in maths we have been doing more converting of lengths. We also did a quick assessment on reading an analogue clock. Your child should have a letter about it. We are also sending home how they did with the Maths Facts – decimals and fractions. Have a look and see how they did.

The next blog will be in the New Year and Mr Hughes will be one year away from fifty when he returns. I know what you are thinking – how does he look so young? He’s like Cliff Richard or Pierce Brosnan and he never moisturizes. The secret apparently is hardly any drink and dark chocolate.

Happy Christmas and New Year to you all. Thanks again for all your support and enjoy a lovely holiday with your lovely children.

Year 4 team.

Y4 Curriculum Update

Dear Parents,

What a joy to meet you all at parent’s evening. We hope you found the new reporting format more informative and helpful – let us know your thoughts.

We have finished the Iron Man (we could do with a Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon in the world right now – ask your child what I mean if you have forgotten how it ends) and now the children have written their own stories featuring the Iron Man. A sequel of sorts, where the Iron Man saves the world from disaster yet again. Ask your child about their story. Are they using any adverbs? Encourage them to do so.

In maths we have been learning all about decimals, especially TENTHS. For example 3.4, I say three-point-four but think three and four tenths. This understanding of the two ways to think about tenths is a very important foundation for lots of work to follow in Y5 an Y6 so have a  go. We haven’t done hundredths yet so leave them alone for now. At last something of worth and value in a blog.

Wow – December is almost here. Enjoy the advent calendars and if you have any good Elf on then Shelf ideas let me know – it get’s harder every year to come up with new ideas.

Many Thanks

Year 4 team

Y4 Curriculum Blog

Hi joyous families,

The year 4 children had a glorious time at Minstead. Everyone was amazing and a real credit to you. One member of Minstead staff said his group was the best he’d had for many years (he was a head and still did supply at a school in Southampton). We were all very proud of them. I hope they have been hassling you to buy free range eggs, tidying their rooms and not leaving any food on their plate.

In class we have completed our work on addition and subtraction which has been focusing on mental strategies. In English they have finished their ‘Just So’ stories that we mentioned in the last blog.

Wow – can’t believe it is half term already. Have a lovely time with your delightful children and we look forward to starting a new project with them. THE IRON MAN by Ted Hughes who was a third cousin of Mr Hughes (we used to call him Tin Ted which he found hilarious).


Year 4 team

Year 4 Curriculum update

Hi friendly folks,

We are all super-duper excited about Magical Minstead. Don’t forget to pack your child’s bag with them.

In English we have been planning a story about, ‘How the (insert animal name) got its (insert feature)’ Here’s an example: How the pig got its curly tail. Ask your child what their story is all about.

In maths we have been working on mental addition and subtraction  facts especially the counting on strategy for subtraction. See if they can tell you how much change you should get the next time you’re in the shops (no-contactless purchases).

For those of you who missed the MInstead meeting we have made a few changes. We are no longer giving out maths skills but please keep practicing times tables and the number facts. We have also changed the spelling lists for some children. Please speak to us if you want more information.

We have also updated the TT Rockstars tables as requested so get a rockin’ (no g)

Have a lovely weekend – Sunday’s weather looks good.

The happy year 4 team

Year 4 Curriculum Update

Y4 maths: we have been working on place value especially partitioning and ordering numbers beyond a thousand. Next week we will be rounding numbers before moving on to addition and subtraction.
English: the children have written some poetry on rainforest animals and have been describing imaginary rainforest creatures that match a description sent to us by Bean Grylls.

The children produced great artwork inspired by Andy Goldsworthy in the woods. They were all fantastically well behaved despite making some unusual smells.

All the best from the lovely Y4 teachers

Year 4 Curriculum update.


Over the past fortnight the children have been writing their own story based on the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. They have practised good writing skills and created their very own sequel to the story.


This week we have been reviewing our knowledge of fractions. Identifying fractions of shape, equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. Next week we will be learning about decimal fractions.

We have also been thinking about what it is to be a good friend and have designed a logo for friendship.