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Year 5 Curriculum Update

In maths, we have been exploring place value to 1 million (including an exciting review of Roman numerals!).  We have been reading and writing large numbers,  counting on and back in powers of 10, and looking at the value of digits in different columns.

In English, we have been building narrative writing skills through our Home Sweet Home film.  We have written scenes from the story with a focus on personification, relative pronouns and clauses, and ‘Tier 2’ vocabulary to create vivid descriptions.

We enjoyed our visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace and look forward to making our own mosaics!

Yr 5 Curriculum Update


We completed our work on the Tempest and greatly enjoyed writing play scripts from Miranda and Prospero’s perspective.  We also wrote about our recent visit to Captain Phillimore’s woods.  We had an excellent trip and wrote about the activities that we took part in; symbol creation and  creating a scene from the Tempest.


Alongside working out our profit margins for our business and enterprise projects we have been completing a unit on fractions.  We were able to find fractions of amounts and adjust dependant upon the number of the numerator.

We have had an excellent year and the children have made outstanding progress.  We both would like to thank the parents for their never-ending support this year and we wish the children all the best in Yr 6.

Mr Flynn, Mrs Bradbury & the Yr 5 team.

Yr 5 Curriculum Update


We have continued our topic on The Tempest.  We have been considering the different characters in the story and have considered their viewpoints.  We enjoyed coming up with insults for Prospero to say towards Caliban, we were very good at this!  We wrote in the style of a newspaper report about Prospero’s discovery and return home!


We continued our work on shape and moved in to work on angles.  We became effective at solving problems involving angles on a straight line and angles around a point.  We used information that we knew to work out any missing angles.

We are all looking forward to our business and enterprise projects becoming ‘live’ at the Summer Fayre on Friday.  We look forward to seeing you all there and we hope to raise lots of money for the St George’s Foundation!

Yr 5 Curriculum Update

We hope that you had an enjoyable and relaxing half term and that the children are ready for the final push towards the Summer holidays!


This week we have been looking at the famous Shakespearean text ‘The Tempest’.  The children have been discussing and evaluating how Shakespeare used language, including figurative language, considering the impact it had on us, as readers.  We wrote a descriptive piece about the island, that was visited by Miranda and Prospero, using the literary devices we had identified earlier in the week.


We completed our work on Place Value and Subtraction in the earlier part of the week, ensuring that the children had a thorough grasp of the formal methods that we are using.   Later in the week we have been working on shape. We have been sorting and classifying shapes using their properties.  We used a Carroll diagram to sort them into different groups and were becoming competent using this classification tool.


The Dragons arrived in Yr 5!

Obstacle Gun RunSplat the teacherRacing ManiacsSplat the SeagullThe Dragons...

The Dragons arrived in Yr 5 to hear the Business and Enterprise ideas of the groups selected by the school for the upcoming Summer Fair.  The children presented their ideas and produced an outline of the money that they would hope to raise if their idea was chosen.  Following the presentation the children had a ‘grilling’ from the Dragons about their business proposal.

After all of the presentations were completed the Dragons put their heads together to decide which company to put their investment in to.

After much deliberation they chose…Obstacle Gun Run for Yr5B and Racing Maniacs for Yr 5FL.  Watch this space for further developments over the coming months.

Well done to all of the children for their hard work.

Yr 5 Curriculum Update

In English we have been continuing to read the outstanding book ‘Why the Whales Came’ by Michael Morpurgo.  We have considered, very carefully, the characters and how their emotions change throughout the course of the text.  The ending wasn’t quite what we expected but we don’t want to give too much away!  We have also been looking at suffixes and prefixes and how they change the meaning of root words.

In Maths we have been working on division and percentages.  We have used our multiplication skills (from our daily tests) to support our understanding of short division.  Some of us managed to attempt long division; it wasn’t as scary as we thought! This week we have been working out percentages.  We used our knowledge of place value to work out 10% of numbers and used this knowledge to work out different percentages.  We moved on to word problems and, although it was very tricky, we became more confident as the week moved on.

We are massively looking forward to our residential next week and our homework was to remember to pack our bags!

Yr 5 Sponsored Run (1 mile…in the rain!)

Yr 5 braved the elements and completed their charity day promise to run a mile. Some children managed more in the short space of time. They were a massive bunch of legends! Mr Flynn managed to run as a fairy…

Yr 5 Curriculum Update

We have hit the ground running at the start of the Summer term and we’ve alreday covered plenty!
We have been enjoying our book led topic on ‘Why the Whales Came’ by Michael Morpurgo. We have been analysing how an author creates moods and settings to convey their story. We have also looked closely at his use of language devices to create effect.
In Maths we began by looking at place value, ensuring that our understanding of the value of each digit was accurate. We used this skill to help us when we moved on to looking at multiplication. We have become adept at short multiplication and grid methods up to 3 digit X 2 digit numbers. Some of the children have moved on to long multiplication!

Year 5 : Roman architects and more!

Year 5 has been very busy in the last two weeks. As the final outcome for the topic ‘Romans in Britain’ they designed and built Roman buildings – forum, baths, aqueducts, amphitheatres, villas and temples.

In English they completed their Tour Guide for an American visitor – they had to select ten different landmarks across at least five different European countries and, through a mixture of persuasive writing and interesting facts suggest an itinerary for Buddy from Texas!

In Maths they have worked on measuring and calculating perimeter and area of rectangles and compound shapes.