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Y2 Curriculum Update

Year 2 enjoyed a very successful art week. The children explored a range of clay snails deciding which one they preferred and presenting their ideas in a creative way. Then they designed their own snail, identified how it would made and finally they made them!

The following art focus was studying the natural sculptures created by Andy Goldsworthy. The children loved his use of materials and were excited to experiment with natural resources as they created their own sculptures in the school grounds. Our parents Open Afternoon was a gallery of Goldsworthy inspired art.

Finally, we explored the medium of collage. The children critiqued a range of collages then studied a picture called The Snail by Henri Matisse. Their finally task was to create their own snail collage in the style of Matisse.

It has been a busy week and a well deserved one after a year of hard work. Well done Year 2 ☺



Y2 Curriculum Update


We have been reading The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch and writing persuasive letters to Mr Grinling to try and get him to leave the lighthouse for a holiday. We tried to use different suffixes in our writing -ment, -ful and -less.


We have been using the inverse calculation to find the missing number in number sentences e.g. if 12 + 11 = 23 then 23 – 11 = 12

We have also been looking at directional and positional language: up, down, forward, backward, left, right, clockwise, anticlockwise, on top, in front, behind, next to. We have followed instructions and hunted for treasure.

Y2 Curriculum Update


We began our Victorian seaside project with a trip to HMS Warrior. The focus of our English has been recounting our trip with a focus on past tense, descriptive language, and using a range of sentence types. This week we learnt about the story of Grace Darling and wrote a diary entry from the day she rescued people from the storm.


We have done a range of maths since half term including time (5 minute intervals), symmetry, 3D shape, money, greater/less than,  problem solving and reasoning.

Y2 Curriculum Update


We have been focusing on the skills of reading comprehension: being detectives, finding answers in the text and making inferences based on what we know.


We revisited adding and subtracting two digit numbers using different strategies including counting on and back on an empty numberline. We have also been using our number fact knowledge to reason about number i.e. If you X10 then the answer will always end in zero as it is a multiple of ten.

Y2 Explorers Challenge

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We had a terrific Challenge Day in Year 2. As we were learning about explorers in History we became intrepid explorers ourselves!

We worked closely in teams to negotiate team names, flag design and then create a rather snazzy outfit to wear on an expedition. After modelling these on the cat walk we agreed that wearing a bin liner and sellotape in real life may not be too sensible!

During the afternoon we practised our obstacle course across Antarctica. We were thrown an extra challenge as the children had to complete the course in their coats, hats and scarves and they also had to stick together as a team by holding onto a rope the whole way around. When the teams reached the pole they planted their flags and did their pre-rehearsed victory dance!

Totally exhausted, we returned home from our expedition with fingers and toes all remaining – Phew, no frostbite!

Y2 Curriculum Update


Over the last few weeks much of our time has been spent learning about The Nativity story. We have read lots of Christmas books, practised and performed our nativity “Christmas Counts” and written our own version of the first Christmas. Our challenge with our own writing was to apply as many of the things we have learnt this term e.g. expanded noun phrases, various verbs, adjectives, adverbs and punctuation.


We have been practising our number bonds and multiples of 10. Our work on shape and symmetry has been fun. We looked at lots of different shapes and counted all of the lines of symmetry. We used our maths learning to create symmetrical Christmas decorations and fun partner cards.

Holiday Homework:

Don’t forget that over Christmas the children need to continue reading, write their Thank You cards and start learning the 10 times table.

Autumn fun

In the corner outside Y2 we discovered that the windy weather had blown in loads of leaves. So what did we do?

We couldn’t miss the glorious opportunity to throw these crispy Autumn leaves!

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Y2 Curriculum Update

English before half term

We spent the week being bossy! Our focus was listening to, responding to and writing instructions using Imperative Verbs aka Bossy Verbs. We now know the routine for brushing our teeth and washing hands J

English after half term

This week we have been poets! The children have loved sharing a variety of poems and have explored the language used and the patterns. Our grammar focus was learning about expanded noun phrases – ask your child what they are!

Maths before half term

We spent a week solving addition and subtraction word problems. First we had to identify which operation it was before writing the calculation and solving it.

Maths after half term

This week we have been learning about TIME. We have explored the fractions on an analogue clock and have been reading times quarter past, half past and quarter to. We also looked at the digital clock times for o’clock and half past.

Y2 Curriculum Update


We have been learning to write in the past tense (went, flew, saw) and first person (me, my, I). We used these skills to write a diary by Samuel Pepys… I woke up and smelled smoke! I looked out of the window and saw flames flickering over the houses…. London was on fire!!!

We have also been using conjunctions (and, but, so, because) to join sentences together… The fire spread quickly because the wind was blowing and the weather had been dry.


We finished our tricky work of jumping on and back along a number line by bridging through ten. For example:

7 + 9 = 16   We could do this in our heads but we were learning to bridge so we jumped from 7 to the first multiple of 10. This was a jump of 3. We need to jump 9 altogether, but we’ve jumped 3 so now we need to jump 6 more! This uses so many steps and number bonds and will be revisited multiple times this year. This is a skill that takes time to learn but when applied to bigger numbers will be very useful.

We also had a week on measuring things in metres and centimetres.


Y2 curriculum update

In English we have finished one project and started another.

Our Dear Teacher letter writing was very successful as the children wrote about why the character was late for school. We focussed on drafting, re reading, correcting and presenting a final copy. These are being sent to a publisher for their thoughts! We have also been learning about the Fire of London. Our imaginations were set alight, looking at a long Fire of London picture, which as you scrolled through prompted many questions and much discussion. We honed our question writing skills with open ended questions. Our task over the coming weeks will be to answer these questions with our research. We have also been learning to take brief notes and then refer back to these and extend them into longer sentences using a conjunction (new name for a connective).

In maths we have been learning to use our quick recall of number bonds/facts to support our calculations. Some of the calculations themselves have been using quite simple numbers but the calculating process of bridging through ten has been quite challenging. Much gumption was needed as the answer was readily known but the journey to the answer was the learning focus.