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Y1 Curriculum Update

Y1 have been very busy getting ready for Christmas!

There were lots to learn for our Nativity production – song lyrics, dances, acting…

We have been taking part in Christmas themed maths investigations this week, filling crackers with hats and toys and carrying out our own census counting around the school.

Mrs Brown, Miss Head and Miss Doran wish you all a very Merry Christmas…we would also like to Thank you for your support this term.

See you in 2017!!

Year 1 curriculum update


Did you know that subtraction also means taking away and subtract?

Year 1 have been finding out how to practically take away using our fingers or practical objects.

We also used the Numicon and tried to imagine the shapes and colours in our brains!



We continued with our poetry project and today published our Autumn windy poem.

We took our wind streamers outside to feel the wind and help us choose

lots of great describing words.


As it was friendship week we took part in lots of activities and reminded ourselves how to be a good friend.

We discussed the meaning of STOP! (Several times on purpose.)

Measuring Week in Year 1

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We have been learning all about length in Year 1. First we went on a scavenger hunt in the school grounds to find natural objects and order them from SHORTEST to LONGEST. We compared lots of objects and made sure that we lined them up along the baseline to make it fair.

We have been learning all about traditional tales including Jack and the Beanstalk. Yesterday we were quite shocked to find giant footprints in our classrooms! Some of us decided that we could use them to measure things in the classroom. Firstly we found things longer or shorter than his footprint and then we even used lots of them in a line to measure very long things..even the corridor!

Finally we came across some magic beans… rather than planting them in hope of a beanstalk, we made magic bean rulers! Making sure that our numbers were written the right way round, we carefully laid out our 10 beans and stuck them in a line. We explored the classroom and then rushed outside to find things to measure! We learnt to count in tens and then the ones and made sure we lined them up neatly.

Year 1 Curriculum Update

Year 1 have read lots of stories about lost toys in preparation for our story writing. We learnt how to make sure our stories had a beginning, middle and an ending. We are now learning how to share information about our toys through writing labels and captions. We are looking forward to welcoming our visitors to our ‘Toy Museum’ on Thursday 6th October at 3pm.

In maths we have been practising ordering numbers to 20 and making sure our digits are formed correctly. We have also explored patterns using Numicon and sound.

Year 1 Stick Walk

We have been reading the story ‘Stanley’s Stick’ and thinking about uses for his stick. This of course meant we needed to put on our wellies and head out to hunt for our very own sticks! We searched the school grounds and acted out different uses for our sticks.

Some of the ideas included: boomerang, pogo stick, magic wand, broomstick, paddle, light saber and even a horse! Our ideas were just as good as Stanley’s… We rushed back to class to write our ideas in a list, what a busy morning!

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Summer Colours

In Year 1 today we went outside into the sunshine to look for summer colours. We looked for natural things like flowers, leaves, stones, twigs, grass and petals. We even saw a combine harvester in the fields. We had to rush back soon when we saw the dark rain clouds begin to cover the blue sky. Just in time as the heavens opened.


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Year 1 curriculum update

During the last 2 weeks Year 1 have practised being reporters. Lewis Coombes from ‘South Today’ visited to give us top tips for our budding journalists. We then travelled back to Victorian era to report on the state of the hospitals during Queen Victoria’s time.

In Maths we have continued to improve our calculating skills using our number bonds and tens and ones.

Becoming Reporters in Year 1

This week Lewis Coombes, who is a reporter from BBC South today came to talk to us. He taught us how to ask questions and introduced us to ‘Mr How, What, When, Who, Why?’ which is in your brain, ready to use for a report. Lewis explained how he has to do lots of research, to find out all the information, before doing the report on television.


We then had a try at becoming reporters and being interviewed in groups. We practised reporting about an event that happened on the school field.. it was breaking news! The next day it was then time to go back to Victorian times and report about the state of the hospitals during the Crimera war, We learnt so much from Lewis, thank you!

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Victorian Afternoon Tea

On Wednesday our parents came to Year 1’s open afternoon to be served sandwiches, tea and biscuits. Do you like our outfits?

We baked the ginger nuts and made the cucumber sandwiches in the morning and even made paper flowers to decorate the tables!

We hope you all enjoyed coming, we definitely did!

All of the proceeds were for our enterprise and went to the St. George’s Foundation.

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