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Year 3 Curriculum Update

We have enjoyed a number of different activities over the past two weeks. Our Enterprise project on sports day was an enormous success, raising an amazing £164.00. The children had fun cooking and decorating shortbread biscuits as well as making fruit kebabs. The whole year group took part in advertising our products during the Infant Sports Day, resulting in a complete sell out. We would like to say a massive “Thank you” to everyone who helped us achieve such a brilliant result.

Other English activities have be led by our class book, The Abominables.  We have read on to find the Yetis travelling to England and have taken the opportunity to link their adventures to written work on newspaper reports, as the journey of five Yetis inevitably brings adventure!

In maths the children have been busy revising the written methods we have learnt this year and have been completing our end of year assessments. It has been interesting to look back through their books to see the journey they have made through the year, and the different methods they now feel confident to use when solving problems.


Year 3 Curriculum update

Year 3 have had a busy couple of weeks.

We’ve been busy looking at our new book study ‘The Abominables’ in English and revising our number and place value work in maths.

However, the Year 3 Pirate Camp has to be one of the highlights, with the children taking part in a range of pirate tasks. The evening activities included flag designing, boat floating, clay coin making and treasure collecting. Mrs Woodman and Mrs Smith kindly led us through a campfire singing session, with some very catchy tunes that the children are still singing in class today! After the children had some sleep, they cleared out their tents and enjoyed a sausage sandwich or three for breakfast.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped set up and then pack down all of the tents, meaning the year 3’s could carry on with more pirate activities in the morning.

If a pirate sleepover wasn’t enough excitement, we were very lucky to have Mr Watson join us the following Friday morning for a special science experiment. Take a look at this video to see the end result:
Lolly stick explosion!

If you have some lollypop sticks and a lot of patience, then do try it at home!


Year 3 curriculum update

It has been a busy end to the term in Year 3!

Last Friday we travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt for our Egyptian day. The children took part in a range of activities including making canopic jars out of clay, designing their own cartouche by writing their name in hieroglyphics, and baking then tasting bread and other traditional Egyptian snacks.

The children were then able to show off some if their Ancient Egyptian knowledge by setting up a museum for our Open Afternoon on Wednesday. The museum was full of artefacts that the children had carefully researched and written information labels for.

This term the children have really enjoyed learning to play the keyboards with Mrs Cook from Hampshire’s Listen2Me. On Wednesday, the children performed a keyboard concert where they played seven different songs that they had learnt, some of which included singing and playing at the same time!

In maths this past week, we have been looking at interpreting data from tally charts and bar graphs. This was a useful skill to learn leading into Charity Day as some children were then able to create a bar graph from the results of our sponsored welly throw! There were some impressive distances thrown and hopefully a lot of money will be raised for this year’s three chosen charities.

We wish Year 3 a good rest over the Easter break and look forward to an exciting Summer term!

Year 3 Curriculum Update


Over the last week the children have been putting the finishing touches to their travel guides to Egypt, using their note taking skills to find then present information for travellers on topics such as The Pyramids, River Nile and clues to everyday life in ancient times.

Following our visit to Hartford Stream we have also explored river poetry, with a focus on language, structure and presentation. We are very pleased with our final drafts.


Our recent work has been revising written methods for addition and subtraction, especially expanded column forms. The children have used practical apparatus to support their learning, exploring different problems,  including those with exchange.


Year 3 Curriculum Update

We have reached the end of our study of legends. The children have been writing their own versions of ‘George and the Dragon’ and have worked very hard at proof-reading, editing and improving their stories. We then turned part of our legend into a playscript. We look forward to performing these with our legend character puppets!

In maths we have been very busy! We have explored the 100 square to see what patterns occur. We then were comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000 and placing them on a number line. We have also been adding and subtracting multiples of 10 and 100, using our knowledge of place value to help. These activities have helped us to deepen and apply our knowledge of 3-digit numbers.

School Council Taste Testers!

The School Council were approached by HC3S, the company that provides hot school dinners for the school, to see if members of our School council would take part in taste testing products that may appear on future menus.  The children tried BBQ chicken sausages, tomato risotto crisp bake, salmon fish fingers and garden vegetable goujons!  The children were excellent in their role and thought carefully about the differing offerings presented to them and gave them marks out of ten.

Maybe you’ll get to try some of these in the future! (Mr Flynn liked the risotto the best…)

Year 3 curriculum update


Our new project of superheroes has been welcomed with enthusiasm by the children. They have created their own superheroes as well as a special hero for ‘Friendship Week’. Our focus next week is writing in paragraphs by creating amazing adventure stories featuring our new characters.



In maths we have been investigating patterns and sequences involving multiples. The children have been enjoying lots of practical activities involving ‘Numicon’. We’ve explored the inverse relationship between multiplication and division, and applied this to our knowledge of the times tables. We look forward to seeing the positive results this will have on our weekly times tables challenge!

Year 3 Curriculum Update.


The children enjoyed solving a mystery picture challenge which promoted great discussion and sharing of ideas, finally revealing our new project, Titanic! They have raised many questions and our investigations of the structure and purpose of non-fiction texts will help them when answering these. We will be moving on to look at the features of newspaper reports, reading and writing about the sinking of the Titanic.


We have been looking at different ways to group and sort numbers, with activities ranging from collecting and presenting data from a traffic survey to the use of zero as a place holder in 3 digit numbers. The children  enjoyed an activity making number lines, learning a useful lesson about accuracy! We will continue to explore  place value  next week.

Year 3 Curriculum update.

We are all thoroughly enjoying reading our class set of James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl,  using our creative skills to hot seat characters and write detailed character descriptions. We all have a favourite creature!  The children have been exploring different ways to open their sentences, using  adverbs, simile, prepositions, -ing verbs, conjunctions and -ed words. We will continue to develop this skill to “Add spice” to our writing throughout the term.

In maths we have been developing the use of mathematical vocabulary , firstly with shape, exploring right angles within 2D shapes, alongside different types of lines, including horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular. We have just moved on to explore the commutative properties of addition. The children should be experts in the next few days!