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Y 1 Curriculum update


To start our new project on plants, Year 1 have been reading ‘Oliver’s Garden’ by Vivian French. It helped to teach us the days of the week and we spent some time learning some of the tricky spellings. We also thought of lots of adjectives to describe vegetables so that we could write our own ‘Oliver’s Garden’ stories. We have recently found out about exclamation marks and tried to include them in our writing!


During the last two weeks we have explored how to make arrays! We have decided they are everywhere!  They help us to count in groups of numbers and we even used the ‘X’ sign in our calculations. Finally, to finish the unit, we made a plan for Oliver’s new garden. All the vegetables had to be planted in arrays so that Granddad could keep his garden neat and tidy.

Y1 Curriculum Update


We have been learning how to describe nouns (objects in Autumn) and creating some windy weather poems. We word processed our poems in the ICT suite for a final copy to decorate and display.


We have been learning how to subtract by crossing out and jumping back on a number line. We have even solved some subtraction word problems too.



Yr 3 Curriculum Update

The children have come back from the Summer holidays refreshed and ready to learn!


During our English work this week we have been working on a unit entitled ‘Troublesome turnips!’  We have compared the traditional story of ‘The enormous turnip’ with the modern version, ‘Mr Wolf’s enormous turnip.’  The children then wrote an alternative ending to the story.  They came up with many interesting ideas!


This week, during our Maths sessions, we have been working on our place value.  We have been focusing on the value a digit has when it is placed in a particular column.  Our homework this week reflects this work.   We have also begun to order groups of numbers ensuring that we pay particular attention to the place value of each digit.  In addition to this work we have been problem solving with place value and the children have worked really hard at being resilient.

Keep up with the positive start Penguins and Puffins!


Y1 Curriculum Update


We have been learning about people who made a great difference around the Victorian period. We planned and carried out a scientific experiment with paper aeroplanes and wrote compound sentences in our planning/reviewing of this.
This week we have been looking into the history of Florence Nightingale and writing questions that we can find the answer to.


We have been focusing on our number skills with numbers to 20, looking at the inverse operation and all related number stories.

Y1 Curriculum Update

English –

This week we have been finding out and writing about the Victorian Era. We used photographs of the Victorian classrooms and buildings and compared it to our experience at school now. Did you know….? We have Victorian classrooms at Swanmore Primary!

Maths –

To link with our Victorian topic, we have been learning about time. We first looked at a timeline of events in History and Queen Victoria’s reign. We then considered our own daily timeline and used the vocabulary to describe different times of the day – morning, midday, afternoon, evening, night time.

We also had a brilliant time on our school trip to Manor Farm, we learnt so many things about the life of a Victorian! Thank you for the lovely costumes provided and to our wonderful parent helpers. We look forward to seeing you at the Victorian tea party on Wednesday afternoon next week at 3pm (in the hall).


Have a great weekend in the sunshine! Y1 Team 🙂


Y1 Curriculum Update

Y1 have been very busy getting ready for Christmas!

There were lots to learn for our Nativity production – song lyrics, dances, acting…

We have been taking part in Christmas themed maths investigations this week, filling crackers with hats and toys and carrying out our own census counting around the school.

Mrs Brown, Miss Head and Miss Doran wish you all a very Merry Christmas…we would also like to Thank you for your support this term.

See you in 2017!!

School Council Taste Testers!

The School Council were approached by HC3S, the company that provides hot school dinners for the school, to see if members of our School council would take part in taste testing products that may appear on future menus.  The children tried BBQ chicken sausages, tomato risotto crisp bake, salmon fish fingers and garden vegetable goujons!  The children were excellent in their role and thought carefully about the differing offerings presented to them and gave them marks out of ten.

Maybe you’ll get to try some of these in the future! (Mr Flynn liked the risotto the best…)

Year 1 curriculum update


Did you know that subtraction also means taking away and subtract?

Year 1 have been finding out how to practically take away using our fingers or practical objects.

We also used the Numicon and tried to imagine the shapes and colours in our brains!



We continued with our poetry project and today published our Autumn windy poem.

We took our wind streamers outside to feel the wind and help us choose

lots of great describing words.


As it was friendship week we took part in lots of activities and reminded ourselves how to be a good friend.

We discussed the meaning of STOP! (Several times on purpose.)