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Y5 Curriculum Update

In English, we have continued to develop our skills, using The Silver Sword.   We have been writing as one of the characters, using detailed description and precise vocabulary to describe an event, including our character’s thoughts and emotions.

In maths, we have moved from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division.  In particular, we have been looking at multiples and factors, including finding common factors and multiples.  We are starting to look at written methods of calculation for multiplication.

Y5 Curriculum Update

In English, we are developing our reading and writing skills through our study of The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier.  In particular, we have been developing inference by looking at the different characters and trying to understand their thoughts and feelings, and by writing diaries.

In maths, we are developing fluency in addition and subtraction through practice of written and mental methods.  We are also solving a range of problems which require us to apply our calculation and place value skills and knowledge.


Year 4 curriculum update


This week we received a video link by e-mail from an Amazon Rainforest explorer asking for our help in identifying a new creature in the rainforest. We have created possible creatures describing them in detail and explored their habitat in exciting words and phrases.


We are currently working hard to master the standard methods of addition and subtraction through a range of calculating, reasoning and problem solving activities.


Yr 3 Curriculum Update


In English we have enjoyed working on fables.  Through this work we have focused on identifying direct speech and using it appropriately in our writing, remembering which part of the text is spoken.  We then looked at how we can turn simple sentences into compound sentences by including a conjunction.  Finally we looked at different word classes.  We looked at a text ‘The Lion and the Mouse.’ and identified verbs, adjectives, direct speech and compound sentences.


The children may have explained that in Maths we are working through a system of fluency (where we practice a skill)-reasoning (where we think deeply about the skill taught) -problem solving (where we put these skills into practice in a different context).  The children have become highly proficient at selecting the appropriate work following our guidance.  This week we have been focusing on adding one, ten and one hundred to numbers.  We have also begun looking at how patterns can help us when we are adding and subtracting simple numbers.

Finally we have both managed to have an enjoyable trip to the woods this week.  The children were a credit to yourselves and the school and were a delight to take with us.  Thank you to all of the parents that were able to share the experience with us.


Year 1 curriculum update


Year 1 had a busy week preparing our labels and captions for our Toy Museum.

Our visitors came to view our hard work and talk to us about the artefacts on display.

Thank you for loaning us your precious toys.


We have been learning to compare and order numbers very carefully.

We can describe them using ‘more’ and ‘less’ and ‘equal to’.


Year 4 Curriculum update


This week the children have been exploring poetry with a focus on poetic form and effective language. This work will culminate in the production of a rainforest animal poetry book for their fun partners.


The children have been showing and developing and understanding of all things ‘place value’! This has included finding 1000 more and 1000 less of a given number, counting on in 6,7,9,25 and 1000 and recognising the place value of each digit in a four digit number (thousands, hundreds, tens and ones).

Yr 4 Curriculum update


We have now completed our newspaper report drafts and are busy editing, reviewing and improving them before we publish in the appropriate format.


This week, the children have been focusing on statistics and data handling. They have been extending their skills, knowledge and understanding of tables and graphs interpreting reasoning and problem solving.



Year 5 Curriculum Update

Year 5 have continued their work on ‘The Tempest’ with the writing of a news report about the return of Prospero and Miranda  to Milan. The children have been expected to work increasingly independently using language and sentence structures they have encountered during the year. They have become much more confident about using ADDSPICE and other resources to support their writing.

In Maths we are finishing the term with revision of perimeter and area before working on scale drawings.

An update on Enterprise : Year 5B raised a total of £56.05 with their sale of mocktails and cookies. The total for Year 5S will be announced very soon.

May we all take this chance to thank all of Year 5 and their families for this year of hard-work, smiles and many happy memories.

Y1 Curriculum Update


We have been learning about people who made a great difference around the Victorian period. We planned and carried out a scientific experiment with paper aeroplanes and wrote compound sentences in our planning/reviewing of this.
This week we have been looking into the history of Florence Nightingale and writing questions that we can find the answer to.


We have been focusing on our number skills with numbers to 20, looking at the inverse operation and all related number stories.

What Y6 have been up to

Over the past month year 6 have been practising our production. This year we will be performing ‘Pirates of The Curry Bean’. We’ve enjoyed making our way through the production and getting into our role. We’ve also been finding out about our costumes, actions and props.

We’ve also enjoyed writing and listening about the famous Shakespeare play – Macbeth! We surprised ourselves and acted out a scene from Macbeth.

Previously we’ve had our bivvy camp in the woods! Everyone and good time and loved it! Everyone gathered around the campfire and sang songs. We then arrived back at school and said our final goodbyes to Captain Phillimore’s woods.

We now need to practice and practice for the year 6 production and make ourselves ready for the next stage up in year 7 and say another goodbye to Swanmore Primary School soon!