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Yr 4 Curriculum update


We have now completed our newspaper report drafts and are busy editing, reviewing and improving them before we publish in the appropriate format.


This week, the children have been focusing on statistics and data handling. They have been extending their skills, knowledge and understanding of tables and graphs interpreting reasoning and problem solving.



Year 5 Curriculum Update

Year 5 have continued their work on ‘The Tempest’ with the writing of a news report about the return of Prospero and Miranda  to Milan. The children have been expected to work increasingly independently using language and sentence structures they have encountered during the year. They have become much more confident about using ADDSPICE and other resources to support their writing.

In Maths we are finishing the term with revision of perimeter and area before working on scale drawings.

An update on Enterprise : Year 5B raised a total of £56.05 with their sale of mocktails and cookies. The total for Year 5S will be announced very soon.

May we all take this chance to thank all of Year 5 and their families for this year of hard-work, smiles and many happy memories.

Y1 Curriculum Update


We have been learning about people who made a great difference around the Victorian period. We planned and carried out a scientific experiment with paper aeroplanes and wrote compound sentences in our planning/reviewing of this.
This week we have been looking into the history of Florence Nightingale and writing questions that we can find the answer to.


We have been focusing on our number skills with numbers to 20, looking at the inverse operation and all related number stories.

What Y6 have been up to

Over the past month year 6 have been practising our production. This year we will be performing ‘Pirates of The Curry Bean’. We’ve enjoyed making our way through the production and getting into our role. We’ve also been finding out about our costumes, actions and props.

We’ve also enjoyed writing and listening about the famous Shakespeare play – Macbeth! We surprised ourselves and acted out a scene from Macbeth.

Previously we’ve had our bivvy camp in the woods! Everyone and good time and loved it! Everyone gathered around the campfire and sang songs. We then arrived back at school and said our final goodbyes to Captain Phillimore’s woods.

We now need to practice and practice for the year 6 production and make ourselves ready for the next stage up in year 7 and say another goodbye to Swanmore Primary School soon!

Year 5 curriculum update

In English we have continued our work on ‘The Tempest’ with the children writing in role and developing a very good understanding of the plot, characters and the setting. Some particularly impressive work from the children describing the magical feast and the effect this had on the characters present.

In Maths we have worked on multiplying fractions and mixed numbers by whole numbers. We have moved onto working with decimals up to 3 decimal places.

Our topic this term on Coasts is now reaching its climax with the children using all the information they have gathered on coastal formation, erosion and sea defences, as well as fieldwork data from the residential trip to Swanage. They are designing their own seaside resort- this includes creating a detailed map, advertising poster and information leaflet.

Thank you to all those who supported the Enterprise project – the children showed great enthusiasm and teamwork skills. We will let you know the final amount raised when the Office have finished checking all our calculations – all money raised will go to St George Foundation.

Year 4 Curriculum update


We are currently looking at information text with a particular focus on newspaper and newspaper reports. The children have been devising snappy headlines using effective language, alliteration, word play and rhyme.


We have been shaping up in maths! The children have explored a variety of shapes, revised shape names and properties and have had opportunities to problem solve and demonstrate their understanding.

Year 4 Curriculum update


This week we have been planning and writing stories with a Stone Age theme. The children are consolidating their writing skills to create an adventure story with history links.


What a time we have had this week! The children have explored and extended their knowledge of clocks times and units of time that are equivalent. They have had opportunities to problem solve and explain their thinking.

Year 5 Update

Year 5 continue to work extremely hard with all their learning!

In English we have been working on ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare. The children have completed work to help them understand the intricate characters and plot. They have written from a character’s viewpoint, written their own dialogues between characters and even written insults using Shakespearean language!

Their reading tasks have been around ‘Why the Whales came’ by Michael Morpurgo. The children have used a range of skills to retrieve information, infer characters’ emotions and actions and develop an understanding of author’s intent.

In Maths we have worked on Polygons – defining regular and irregular polygons and using known facts about rectangles to find angles and sides. We also completed work on converting from metric to imperial measures, particularly for length.

Our topic work on coasts is continuing – the children are learning about coastal erosion and the ways that we try to protect the coast with different sea defences.

We are looking forward to the conclusion of our Enterprise Project on Wednesday 21st June (2.45 – 3.30pm) – we will be holding the sale of cookies, mocktails and dips at the end of the Open afternoon.

Year 5 curriculum update

Well done Year 5 for a fabulous end to the Spring Term.

In English we have finished our work on discussion texts with the children proving to us that they could independently write a discussion text about the Vikings – were they, raiders, traders or explorers?

In Guided Reading both classes have enjoyed the books they have been studying this term: 5S reading ‘The boy who swam with pirahnas’ and 5B reading ‘Rooftoppers’. 5B have even written to the Walt Disney Company in America to tell them that they think it would make a fantastic film – we are waiting for the reply!

In Maths we have revised the formal methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and applied the knowledge in problem solving and reasoning tasks.

In RE last week we looked at the topic of Salvation and what Christians feel about the sacrifice that Jesus made. The work from the children was thoughtful and mature.

Today we have held our Sponsored Sing! Wonderful sounds and funky moves were observed as the children sang a diverse range of songs including numbers such as ‘We are the Champions’, ‘I wanna be like you’ and ‘Supercalifagilisticexpialidocious’!

Thank you to all the children for their hard work and to the support from families – may you all have a wonderful Easter break.

from Year 5 team

Year 5 Curriculum Update

In maths, we have learned a lot about fractions, decimals and percentages.  We are now increasing our speed and accuracy in standard written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We are also applying our skills to solve multi-step word problems.

In English, we have been writing discussion texts, using our learning in history as our context.   Was Alfred really ‘great’?  And were the Vikings just raiders?  Or were they traders, or explorers?

We have enjoyed designing sails, shields and dragon heads for our own Viking longships which we will make next week!