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Year 2 curriculum update


Year 2 have become estate agents, designing and marketing their newly designed properties.

We are looking forward to welcoming our visitors at 3pm on Tuesday where they will be able

to read the brochures we have written.



During the past two weeks we have finished our unit on place and value and begun  work on

adding and subtracting. We are checking that we know all our facts to 20 by heart and have

tried some tricky problems as well.

Year 5 curriculum update

Spy alert!  You may have noticed spies from the Iceni Tribe on a top secret mission to gather information from behind the Roman Army lines. Their  written reports to Boudicca have proved very useful when planning for her next battle.

We have continued to explore large numbers through written column addition, writing short number stories to explain our understanding of calculations.

Keep practising your times tables –  Rockstar passwords have been reissued.

Enjoy the weekend!

Y1 Curriculum Update


We have been thinking about interesting adjectives (describing words) for our lost toy. We had our first go at story writing in Y1, including the three main parts – a beginning, middle and end. We are very proud of the children’s work and we look forward to sharing this with you at parents evening next month.


We have been working on parts and wholes – starting with a whole number and splitting it into 2 parts. For example 8 could be split into 4 and 4 or 6 and 2. Next week we will reinforce this further and begin to look at the corresponding number sentences.


Have a lovely weekend.

Year 3 curriculum update


Roald Dahl’s ‘James and the Giant Peach’ is the focus of our learning  in English. We have created ghastly aunts, like Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker, using effective, descriptive language, have improved our use of pronouns in a paragraph and have written a recipe for crocodile tongues, using appropriate adverbs.


We have been working hard to improve our understanding of addition and subtraction and are learning  how to apply our understanding of number facts when calculating with larger numbers. We have continued to practise our times tables in preparation for our weekly times tables challenge.

Y1 Curriculum Update

Year 1 have settled into their new routines very well and are enjoying the challenges of each day!


We have been learning about the structure of sentences, using kung-fu punctuation where needed. This week we are writing labels and captions to inform you about our toys – when you visit our toy museum on Thursday.


We have been doing lots of place value work and counting of objects. We have looked at missing numbers, which number comes next in a sequence and are continuing work with one more and one less. Some of us have even started to look at +, – and = in a number sentence. Number lines have proved very useful so far!

Year 6 curriculum update


We have been learning about Greek myths and legends over the past few weeks. We have covered Icarus and began stories from Odysseus. The children have used these stories as vehicles to writing diaries, letters and play scripts. We have been focusing on our use of language during these pieces ensuring that they are well punctuated throughout.


over the past few weeks we have been learning about place value, negative numbers, addition and subtraction. The children have been learning about the core skills associated with these elements and applying skills taught to problem solving. We also continue to focus on our Mental Arithmetic skills during our Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday sessions.


Year 5 Curriculum Update

In English, we have been writing in role as characters from The Tempest.  We are now developing our reading skills through our study of The Boy who Swam with Piranhas.

In maths, we have been identifying and using multiples, factors, square numbers, cube numbers and prime numbers in calculations and investigations.


Y3 Update

Last week, Year 3 were looking at units of time in maths – hours, days, weeks and months.
In English we finished writing our pirate stories which we then shared with one another.
Our pirate theme continued into our overnight camp on the field where we enjoyed lots of pirate-themed activities and campfire songs (minus the fire!). After a ‘sleep’ in tents, we woke to a cooked sausage breakfast and juice, followed by more piratey activities. We hope you all slept well on Friday night!

Y2 Curriculum Update


We have enjoyed a week of follow up from our trip to HMS Warrior – writing a recount of the trip and an honest advert for a Victorian sailor.

We have also continued our Let’s Think in English. We explored a poem by Spike Milligan called Kids. The children were full of ideas about the characters.


We have been working on directional and positional language: forward, backward, left, right, clockwise, anticlockwise, on top, underneath, beside…

Last week we spent the week looking at different measures and the scales and units that they use: weighing scales, thermometers and capacity containers.

Year 4 Curriculum Update


The children have been developing their Roman Numeral and Arabic Number skills this week by using given rules to solve problems and recognising patterns.


Following our exciting visit to Butser Farm last week, the children have been planning and writing an informative and entertaining newspaper article about their experiences.