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Year 3 Curriculum Update


In English we have started to read our new class book, ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’ by Kate DiCamillo. After making some predictions about what this book might be about, we met the main character, a vain, selfish china rabbit called Edward. Will he continue to be so interested in his own appearance? Or will he learn to love others? We will be exploring his feelings and characteristics more as his journey continues…



Year 3 have been learning a new method for adding 3-digit numbers together: The Expanded Column Method! To save any confusion over numbers, we expand the 3-digit numbers into the hundreds, ten and ones (like a stretched out elastic band!), before adding them back together again (pinging the elastic band back to its original shape!) The squares in our maths book have been very useful for keeping our place value columns neat.
Take a look at the example of how this works below. 

Yr 6 Curriculum Update

Firstly we would like thank you if you were able to attend the unbelievably awesome and floss-ridden dance assembly today. I’m sure you would all agree that it was pretty special.

During our English sessions this week, we have been planning and beginning to write our own warning stories based on ‘The Caravan’ by Pie Corbett. The children have carefully considered how to blend together dialogue, description and action for effect.

In maths we have been solving word problems to do with measures involving conversion of units. Next week we shall be looking at perimeter, area and volume.

Year 5 Curriculum Update


We have been writing our Beowulf and the Dragon stories, using our writing skills to create detailed description and interesting dialogue.  We have tried to include various writers’ techniques such as personification, simile and special ‘imagine’ sentences.


We have been converting fractions, decimals and percentages, thinking about the skills and understanding we need to see the connections between each . We then put our skills to the test by solving some tricky word problems that really made us think.

Year 2 curriculum update


Did you hear the news? Addie the penguin left his egg with us for safe keeping! We researched how he should build his nest, as unfortunately he did not know! After a letter written with explanations of what to do, we then researched how to feed and protect his chick.


After completing our money project, we have begun to investigate division through sharing and grouping. Next week we will begin to use the symbol for division.

Y4 Curriculum BOTTLES, BOTTLES, Blog

Hi all,

Oh NO! We were hoping for a snow day or at least a good snowball fight on the field but alas it was not to be and all we’ve got to show for the cold weather is chilblains on Mr Hughes’ fingers. At least the children can see what they look like as they are mentioned in Carrie’ War. The extra efforts some teachers are prepared to go surely must be commended. Any how…

We have been busy busy busy. In maths we have been learning the names of the triangles and their properties. I’m sure you remember, but just in case it has slipped from the memory they are: equilateral, scalene and isosceles (all a joy to spell). Why not ask your child about them to see how much they have remembered. We also looked at acute, obtuse and right angles – you played a lovely game as a homework. We are now back to ‘number’ and learning how to add 4-digit numbers. We have looked briefly at mental strategies (first option to consider) and are now working on written methods which are either an expanded method or the compact method (probably the way you add on paper). We’ll be moving on to subtraction soon.

In English, Carrie’s War continues to be the stimulus for our work. This has included atmospheric descriptive writing, a letter, comparisons of places and speech. We introduced  new SAS sentences: Description, which + simile and Ad, same ad. Examples would be:

The twisting path was lined with white stones, which looked like bleached skulls.


Mr Evans was a cruel man, cruel because he made Auntie Lou feel small and guilty.

Why not have a go with your children at making some more up. The Ad, same ad is particularly fun to do for family members!

We’ve also been practising our war time dances. More time is needed but hopefully they will be ready for the open afternoon.

Oh finally, if you got this far, don’t forget to bring in the bottles! The day won’t work without them and we really don’t have any at school.



Y4 Team


Year 5 Curriculum Update


We started the term by building our addition and subtraction skills and are getting more efficient with mental and written methods.  We have now moved on to geometry and are enjoying investigating properties of different quadrilaterals as well as measuring and drawing angles using protractors.


We are studying the Anglo-Saxon epic poem, Beowulf, using a variety of texts and film.  We have written a plea for help and a hero’s boastful tale.  We have focused on using precise vocabulary and a range of sentence structures to find the voice of our characters.

What Y6 have been up to!

Happy New Year! We have had a very busy first few weeks of the Spring term. Y6FH have successfully completed their water safety program, and Y6M are looking forward to their 2 sessions over the following two Wednesday afternoons. Don’t forget swim hat and bathers!

In Maths we have been revising angles and long multiplication and in English, we have been looking at poetry. We created our own cinquain about space and the moon. Look out for the homework this weekend on writing ‘Ten Happy Astronauts’ based on a similar poem on the reverse of the sheet.

In Art we used chalk to draw our own moonlit night scene. This week we visited Winchester Science Museum which we all thoroughly enjoyed.
This week we have been busy with practice SAT papers in maths, reading and EGPS.

Year 3 Curriculum Update


In maths we have been doing lots of measuring! Last week we were measuring using money, and have asked the children to review their learning in this week’s homework task. This week we were measuring mass in grams and kilograms. So any baking going on this weekend, the children should be able to accurately assist in weighing ingredients!


The children have been enjoying our new project: Swords, Dragons and Heroes. They have been working hard on creating characters, settings and a plot for their own version of ‘George and the Dragon’. They are looking forward to finishing their drafts next week and then publishing their legends, ready to share with fun partners.

As this is the first blog of the year, we’d like to remind the children to practice their spellings and times tables regularly, and continue to read as often as possible, including reading aloud. We look forward to seeing you again at our ‘Let’s Learn Together’ meeting on Wednesday 6th February. This is an opportunity to discuss ways to support and enjoy reading with your child.

year 2 curriculum update


After the excitement of Peter Pan and our holiday trip to Neverland we have turned our attention to instructional writing. Despite the absence of snow we have managed to write a set of instructions for building snowmen. Hopefully (or maybe not) this may come in handy soon 🙂 Look out for homework this weekend as we will be writing and testing our own choice of instructions next week.


Money, money, money!  We have looked at coins and notes and made totals with them, using lots of strategies. Next week we will be giving change………..

Y4 Curriculum Update

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year to you all.

We’ve been back for two weeks and we’ve made a great start to the new term. The Blitz pictures look amazing and water bottle planes have started construction (they’re fly like overfed penguins but they’re look great).

In maths we have been finding unit fractions (1/3, 1/10…) of a set and non-unit fractions (2/3, 7/10…) of a set. Impressive! We have also ordered decimals which the children did brilliantly. A little bit of shape next week.

In English we have been inspired by the book Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden (an author that is no relation to Mr Hughes – see previous blog about The Iron Man). The children wrote super accounts of being evacuated using lots of ‘Tier 2’ emotion words. From now on when you ask them how they are, do not accept simple replies of ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ but expect such delicious responses such as ‘exhilarated’ and ‘despairing’ if they look confused and say, ‘flummoxed’  that’s just splendid. We will be letting you know about a reading meeting soon when we will talk more about tier 2 words and other helpful information.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in World War II memorabilia – it really helps bring the subject to life.

Year 4 team