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Y5 Curriculum Update


We have been enjoying the tale of Beowulf, through both story and film. This has inspired some fantastic writing in the form of a plea for help from the villages  and a reply in the form of a boast by a hero. The children have taken the opportunity to create some very imaginative and vivid fight scenes between the hero and the monster, looking at tools to improve sentence structure and word order for effect.


Our term has started with a revision of perimeter leading to a study of area. We have explored both simple and compound rectilinear shapes before moving on to more irregular areas, finishing with a Pirate Island challenge.                                                                                                   We are now moving on to a unit on fractions, decimals and percentages.


Due to the deluge of rain this morning, and the rainy forecast to continue for the majority of the morning, it is with a heavy heart that I will have to cancel ‘Blaze a Trail’ (The running element).  I shall be up at school at 8:25 if anyone, with waterproofs,  would like to walk the playground, but running today will be prohibited.

Please share this message.


Jon Flynn

‘Blaze A Trail’ Day 1

Anxiously we waited to see if anyone would join us for day 1 of ‘Blaze A Trail’ and to our delight over 100 people, children and parents alike, joined in.  A brisk 10 lap walk around the playground or an adventurous 3 lap run around the field was taken in by the participants.  Everyone finished with a warm glow and a positive attitude to start their school (or work) day.

Having looked at the tokens in the box, we can see that Topaz are currently leading the challenge. However it is early days yet and we’re sure we will see a few new faces on Friday at 8:25.

Thank you to everyone that came along.  It is an energising way to start the day and everyone that takes part will soon feel the benefits.

Mr Flynn & Mrs Collins

This week in Y3

This week in maths we have been learning how to draw and interpret pictograms. Our homework this week is to gather data by asking our family and friends  to choose which is their favourite Christmas carol and then using this data to create our own pictogram.

In English we have been finding out all about reindeer and then using our notes to create an informative leaflet.

We have also welcomed Mrs V Hughes to Y3DH and have been enjoying getting to know one another.

Yr 4 Curriculum Update


In the run up to Christmas Year 4 have been very excited to work on their Enterprise Project to raise money for the St George Foundation to support the children in Sierra Leone. To this end they have researched information and written a fact file all about Sierra Leone. They have also used their powers of persuasion to write advertisements for the products that they have been busily making.


The children have been reviewing and extending their knowledge and understanding of geometric shapes with particular emphasis on naming 2D shapes and identifying their properties and angles.

Year 5 Curriculum Update

In maths, we have moved on to statistics.   We have interpreted line graphs and looked at the story they tell.   We are beginning to draw graphs from data and will shortly be looking at timetables using 24 hour clock notation.

In English, we have used our  research to write as a Celtic spy, informing Boudicca about the Roman army’s strengths and giving advice to facilitate improvements in the Celtic army.

It was lovely to see so many parents at our open afternoon.  Thank you for coming in to celebrate the children’s work and for contributing some wonderful ideas for the children to use in their Roman estate agent’s brochures.

We are looking forward to our Christmas party on Friday!   Please could children in 5D bring a small amount of savoury food to school, and those in 5S bring some sweet food.



Year 5 Curriculum update

In English, we have been researching the Roman army and the lives of Roman soldiers to enable us to write as a Celtic spy, informing and advising Boudicca about battle strategies, weapons, armour and more!

In maths, we have been developing our knowledge and understanding of fractions.  We have added and subtracted fractions, and converted mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa.

Year 1 curriculum update

Through our theme of light and remembering we have learnt about the

Jewish festival of Hanukkah. The children have gathered facts from information

texts and learnt about customs and symbols.

In Maths we have looked closely at coins, noting their similarities and differences and used this

to make repeating patterns.


Yr 3 Curriculum Update


the past two weeks we have been working on writing a newspaper article. We studied the features of a newspaper first and produced our own success criteria. We then wrote from the perspective of a reporter in1912 following the news of the Titanic disaster.


We have been learning about time. Our knowledge of o’clock, half past the hour and quarter to/ past was revised. We then moved on to understanding units of time with increasing accuracy. We looked at worded problems about time following that.

Finally, thank you to everyone that helped make the open afternoon a success. The ‘Titanic Rooms’ have now been joined together for a display. Please feel free to come and have a look at your work!