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Year 6 Curriculum Update

These past two weeks have been very busy. The Bikeability course ran for both classes, and in between, we were finding out more about the Ancient Greeks, creating our own Greek monster face masks and finishing our moving mouth hand puppets.

Whilst all this was going on in one class, the other class were writing a recount from a flying toad’s perspective!
(ask your child about the picture book ‘Tuesday’).

In maths, we have been completing our unit on fractions, concentrating on percentages – converting fractions into percentages, and finding percentages of amounts in a variety of contexts.

We will be enjoying the Christmas traditions of Carols around the Tree next Friday, and on Thursday we have our Christmas party. Your child has brought home their invitation. I am sure it will be a fun filled afternoon.

Merry Christmas from all the Year 6 team.

Year 3 Curriculum Update


This week in maths we have been collecting and presenting data in a variety of ways. This work extends to the children’s homework challenge, to survey friends and family about their favourite Christmas carol! We look forward to analysing the data next week.


The festivities have reached our English learning, as we read ‘Dear Father Christmas’ only to find an informative guide about magical sleigh-pulling, ice-cream eating reindeer. We are now working on producing our own information leaflet all about the other reindeer in the world (the non-magical kind!) using headings, subheadings and other non-fiction features.

We want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and thank you for your support this term.

Year 2 curriculum update

We completed our retelling of the Christmas story based on the viewpoint of a Bethlehem animal.
We used lots of ideas from ‘The Fox’s tail’ by Nick Butterworth to make our story as exciting as possible.

We also completed our Maths unit on multiplication and have been learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables as well as solving problems.

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas production of ‘The Inspectors’.
We certainly had great fun learning the songs, words and dances.

Y4 Curriculum update

Dear festive friends,

Thank you so much for all your support this week. For those of you who could make it, the samba concert was LOUD but also pretty musical and the children did fantastically well. A special thank you must go to Mrs McIntyre for all her hard work. The children approached the Enterprise Project with huge enthusiasm and energy and produced some pretty fine goods to sell. It was lovely watching the children selling back to you the jars you had sent in (even Sir Alan Sugar would be impressed by that). It felt like Winchester Christmas Market but better. Not only have the children’s business acumen improved but Mr Down cooked his first ever ginger-bread biscuits. He said he won’t be baking any time soon at home though. We raised over £125 for the St. George Foundation which is a very worthy cause.

We’ve also been doing other stuff as well. The children invented and wrote detailed explanations about a Christmas Cracker Machine and in maths we have been doing more converting of lengths. We also did a quick assessment on reading an analogue clock. Your child should have a letter about it. We are also sending home how they did with the Maths Facts – decimals and fractions. Have a look and see how they did.

The next blog will be in the New Year and Mr Hughes will be one year away from fifty when he returns. I know what you are thinking – how does he look so young? He’s like Cliff Richard or Pierce Brosnan and he never moisturizes. The secret apparently is hardly any drink and dark chocolate.

Happy Christmas and New Year to you all. Thanks again for all your support and enjoy a lovely holiday with your lovely children.

Year 4 team.

Y5 Curriculum Update

In English we have continued to read The Silver Sword, exploring new vocabulary found and interpreting the feelings and motives of the characters. Written work has included a detailed first person account using “ADD SPICE” openers for variation in our sentences.

In maths we have started to explore angles and 2D shape, revising acute, obtuse and straight and adding reflex angles to our knowledge. We had some interesting discussions when defining polygons, especially when identifying regular and irregular shapes.

One week to go!

Y6 Curriculum Update

In English we have just completed our advisory texts on how to build a wooden horse and win the Battle of Troy. We have subsequently moved on to looking at the picture book – Tuesday. This week we have been using it to write a descriptive setting and dialogue between three of the toads – Doris, Derek and Hugo. We have been focusing on speech punctuation and integrating action and dialogue to move the story forward.
In maths we have completed our unit on fractions. We have been working on representing problems pictorially using the bar model, and have used cuisenaire rods to support this. We have been learning to order and compare fractions, find equivalent fractions, and add and subtract fractions with different denominators. We will be moving on to percentages next.
Next week is Bikeability for Y6FH and the following week for Y6M so there will be a different structure to our learning over the next couple of weeks. It is also Y6M’s church assembly on Wednesday 5th December, do come along if you can!

Year 3 curriculum update


Year 3 have been continuing to use our Titanic project to inspire some brilliant writing recently! Last week we were writing persuasive letters. Although we all agreed we wouldn’t want a ticket for the luxurious Titanic (knowing the tragic ending), we did try persuading our grownups to let us go on a modern day equivalent – a trip to space on the Virgin Galactic! This week we were inspired by real life Titanic survivor, Harold Bride, to write a diary as a surviving character. The children did very well, using technical and vivid vocabulary to express their character’s feelings and emotions.


In our maths lessons we have been developing our geometry skills, including our understanding of types of lines (horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular). We also developed our knowledge of the properties of 3D shapes by building some 3D models to count the number of edges, faces and vertices! This week we began our time unit, learning to tell the time using Roman numerals. The children enjoyed spotting the patterns that the Roman numerals follow and pairing the numbers to our Arabic numbers.

Y4 Curriculum Update

Dear Parents,

What a joy to meet you all at parent’s evening. We hope you found the new reporting format more informative and helpful – let us know your thoughts.

We have finished the Iron Man (we could do with a Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon in the world right now – ask your child what I mean if you have forgotten how it ends) and now the children have written their own stories featuring the Iron Man. A sequel of sorts, where the Iron Man saves the world from disaster yet again. Ask your child about their story. Are they using any adverbs? Encourage them to do so.

In maths we have been learning all about decimals, especially TENTHS. For example 3.4, I say three-point-four but think three and four tenths. This understanding of the two ways to think about tenths is a very important foundation for lots of work to follow in Y5 an Y6 so have a  go. We haven’t done hundredths yet so leave them alone for now. At last something of worth and value in a blog.

Wow – December is almost here. Enjoy the advent calendars and if you have any good Elf on then Shelf ideas let me know – it get’s harder every year to come up with new ideas.

Many Thanks

Year 4 team

Y1 Blog


This week we have been learning about different sources of light and discussing which things do not make their own light – for example, the moon. We have been writing noun phrases to describe… flickering flame, shining star… and began to discuss ‘verbs’ as action words.

We will continue with the theme of light in the next two weeks to come, learning about Hannukah – the festival of light and Christingle – celebrated by Christians.


Recently we have been partitioning 5, 6, and 7 into two parts. We moved onto missing number/symbol sentences and some of us solved a tricky problem about buying different fruits to equal 7p.

We have started practicing our songs ready for our up-coming Christmas performances and have been allocated the parts we will play. Please check your child’s book bag for a letter regarding the costume they will need.

Thank you.

Year 2 curriculum update

Year 1

Having finished our diary writing about ‘The Great Fire’, Year 1 have now turned their attention towards Christmas! We have just begun to read ‘The Fox’s Tale’ by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen. It is a gorgeous re-telling of the Christmas story from the viewpoint of the fox and we are using this to create our own version over the coming two weeks.

We have also been developing our multiplication skills by building arrays and telling stories. This will give us the visual images on which to hang our learning of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Along side this, lots of time is being spent learning our lines and singing our songs, ready the performances of our Christmas production.