Y2 Curriculum Update


We have been focusing on the skills of reading comprehension: being detectives, finding answers in the text and making inferences based on what we know.


We revisited adding and subtracting two digit numbers using different strategies including counting on and back on an empty numberline. We have also been using our number fact knowledge to reason about number i.e. If you X10 then the answer will always end in zero as it is a multiple of ten.

Year 3 curriculum update

It has been a busy end to the term in Year 3!

Last Friday we travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt for our Egyptian day. The children took part in a range of activities including making canopic jars out of clay, designing their own cartouche by writing their name in hieroglyphics, and baking then tasting bread and other traditional Egyptian snacks.

The children were then able to show off some if their Ancient Egyptian knowledge by setting up a museum for our Open Afternoon on Wednesday. The museum was full of artefacts that the children had carefully researched and written information labels for.

This term the children have really enjoyed learning to play the keyboards with Mrs Cook from Hampshire’s Listen2Me. On Wednesday, the children performed a keyboard concert where they played seven different songs that they had learnt, some of which included singing and playing at the same time!

In maths this past week, we have been looking at interpreting data from tally charts and bar graphs. This was a useful skill to learn leading into Charity Day as some children were then able to create a bar graph from the results of our sponsored welly throw! There were some impressive distances thrown and hopefully a lot of money will be raised for this year’s three chosen charities.

We wish Year 3 a good rest over the Easter break and look forward to an exciting Summer term!

Year 5 curriculum update

Well done Year 5 for a fabulous end to the Spring Term.

In English we have finished our work on discussion texts with the children proving to us that they could independently write a discussion text about the Vikings – were they, raiders, traders or explorers?

In Guided Reading both classes have enjoyed the books they have been studying this term: 5S reading ‘The boy who swam with pirahnas’ and 5B reading ‘Rooftoppers’. 5B have even written to the Walt Disney Company in America to tell them that they think it would make a fantastic film – we are waiting for the reply!

In Maths we have revised the formal methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and applied the knowledge in problem solving and reasoning tasks.

In RE last week we looked at the topic of Salvation and what Christians feel about the sacrifice that Jesus made. The work from the children was thoughtful and mature.

Today we have held our Sponsored Sing! Wonderful sounds and funky moves were observed as the children sang a diverse range of songs including numbers such as ‘We are the Champions’, ‘I wanna be like you’ and ‘Supercalifagilisticexpialidocious’!

Thank you to all the children for their hard work and to the support from families – may you all have a wonderful Easter break.

from Year 5 team

Year 5 Curriculum Update

In maths, we have learned a lot about fractions, decimals and percentages.  We are now increasing our speed and accuracy in standard written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We are also applying our skills to solve multi-step word problems.

In English, we have been writing discussion texts, using our learning in history as our context.   Was Alfred really ‘great’?  And were the Vikings just raiders?  Or were they traders, or explorers?

We have enjoyed designing sails, shields and dragon heads for our own Viking longships which we will make next week!

Year 4 Curriculum update


Over the past few weeks we have been rehearsing for our production, ‘What a Knight’. This has meant honing our speaking, listening and performance skills. We have worked hard to create a great show and are looking forward to entertaining our family and friends next week.

In addition, we have used the production to help us understand how to use and write playscripts. Most recently in English we have begun to look at the work of William Shakespeare and are enjoying unravelling the plot of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. During this time we have also been learning more about fractions of an amount and equivalent decimals which will be included in our forthcoming assessments.

Year 3 Curriculum Update


Over the last week the children have been putting the finishing touches to their travel guides to Egypt, using their note taking skills to find then present information for travellers on topics such as The Pyramids, River Nile and clues to everyday life in ancient times.

Following our visit to Hartford Stream we have also explored river poetry, with a focus on language, structure and presentation. We are very pleased with our final drafts.


Our recent work has been revising written methods for addition and subtraction, especially expanded column forms. The children have used practical apparatus to support their learning, exploring different problems,  including those with exchange.


Y6 Curriculum Blog

In maths Year 6 have recently covered ratio, circles and adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. We will now look at word problems.

In English we have written a variety of work based on our Wales trip and looked at autobiographical writing by Roald Dahl and Gerald Durrell. We have just begun a book study on Hollow Earth by J. and C. Barrowman.

We are continuing to make our fairground rides.

Y6 Team