Monday 19th September 2016

This week we have been voting on who will be our future house captains. Today year 6 found out who is through to be the new house captains. The lucky winners were so delighted when they found out. For Ruby House the winners were Shanna and Leo, Emerald House winners were Poppy and Edward,  Sapphire have Luca and Grace and finally Topaz with Lottie and Arthur.

They hope to lead us to a better future!

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Y2 Sculptures

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Year 2 have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy. He creates sculptures using natural resources in the environment. After studying his work we created our own sculptures in the school field.

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Summer Colours

In Year 1 today we went outside into the sunshine to look for summer colours. We looked for natural things like flowers, leaves, stones, twigs, grass and petals. We even saw a combine harvester in the fields. We had to rush back soon when we saw the dark rain clouds begin to cover the blue sky. Just in time as the heavens opened.


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Yr 5 Curriculum Update


We completed our work on the Tempest and greatly enjoyed writing play scripts from Miranda and Prospero’s perspective.  We also wrote about our recent visit to Captain Phillimore’s woods.  We had an excellent trip and wrote about the activities that we took part in; symbol creation and  creating a scene from the Tempest.


Alongside working out our profit margins for our business and enterprise projects we have been completing a unit on fractions.  We were able to find fractions of amounts and adjust dependant upon the number of the numerator.

We have had an excellent year and the children have made outstanding progress.  We both would like to thank the parents for their never-ending support this year and we wish the children all the best in Yr 6.

Mr Flynn, Mrs Bradbury & the Yr 5 team.

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Year 4 Curriculum Update


In English Y4 are beginning to write their own stories based around the opening of Stig of the Dump. The children are creating characters who suddenly find themselves transported back to the Stone Age.  They are focusing on making their stories interesting and engaging for the reader by adding description and detail.


During maths Y4 have been learning about fractions, and will be continuing to do so next week. They have been looking at finding equivalent fractions and adding/subtracting fractions with the same denominator.

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Year 1 curriculum update

During the last 2 weeks Year 1 have practised being reporters. Lewis Coombes from ‘South Today’ visited to give us top tips for our budding journalists. We then travelled back to Victorian era to report on the state of the hospitals during Queen Victoria’s time.

In Maths we have continued to improve our calculating skills using our number bonds and tens and ones.

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Year 2 curriculum update


We have been having great fun in English, finding out about the rhythm and rhyme in poetry through reading nonsense poems such as The Ning, Nang, Nong by Spike Milligan, Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss and other terrific tongue twisters.  We have also tried writing our own!


In Maths we have been polishing our mental fluency by working on mental maths strategies and continuing to practise our times tables.


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Y6 Curriculum Update

In Maths we have been solving puzzles, playing dice games and creating circle patterns.

In English we have been writing volcano reports, continuing with our production blogs and working on our production programme.

We have been busy rehearsing for our production and are really excited to be performing it to parents next week!

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Volcano Art

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Y6 have been creating some awesome volcano pictures! We took inspiration from artist Margret Godfrey’s volcano work. For the sky we did a stormy water colour wash and for the explosion, we blew ink through straws. For our mountain and lava flow we used tissue paper which also gave a brilliant texture. Enjoy looking at the pictures.
By Alice Y6H

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Yr 3 Curriculum update

This week the children have continued to enjoy their English activities based on superheroes. They have written non-chronological reports to describe their characters, including their powers, weaknesses and secret identities. The children are now busy planning their superhero adventure and deciding how to present this. We look forward to seeing their finished product.

The children have been working extremely hard exploring and making nets. They have used careful measuring skills to produce 3-D shapes. We have been really impressed with their accuracy.

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