Year 6 Update

Hi everyone!

In English over the past two weeks, we have been busy writing, editing and publishing our stories of Odysseus and the Sirens.

In Maths, we have been using a range of methods to multiply and divide up to 4 digit numbers. This week we also showed off what we can do in a series of challenges (old SATs papers).

We have worked really hard this week and all deserve a break – luckily it’s half term! See you in nine days!

Year 6 team

Year 3 Curriculum Update


Continuing to take inspiration from James and the Giant Peach, we have been working hard to improve our writing by beginning sentences in different ways by using adverbs, -ing words, -ed words etc (we call this ADDSPICE).  In addition, we have engaged well with Roald Dahl’s detailed description in order to infer thoughts and feelings to show our understanding of character.


We have been working hard to develop our multiplication and division skills, using repeated addition and known multiplication facts, grouping and sharing.  We have then applied our understanding in order to solve problems.

We have also enjoyed the opportunity to lead the KS2 Harvest Service in church – we hope that you enjoyed it too.

Y4 Curriculum Blog

Hi joyous families,

The year 4 children had a glorious time at Minstead. Everyone was amazing and a real credit to you. One member of Minstead staff said his group was the best he’d had for many years (he was a head and still did supply at a school in Southampton). We were all very proud of them. I hope they have been hassling you to buy free range eggs, tidying their rooms and not leaving any food on their plate.

In class we have completed our work on addition and subtraction which has been focusing on mental strategies. In English they have finished their ‘Just So’ stories that we mentioned in the last blog.

Wow – can’t believe it is half term already. Have a lovely time with your delightful children and we look forward to starting a new project with them. THE IRON MAN by Ted Hughes who was a third cousin of Mr Hughes (we used to call him Tin Ted which he found hilarious).


Year 4 team

Year 5 Curriculum Update


We have been  writing our persuasive brochures to sell our newly designed Roman Villas, and we are continuing to develop our reading skills through our class readers, The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas and Why the Whales Came.


We have continued to develop our addition and subtraction skills, solving a variety of word problems in real life contexts.  We have practised rounding in order to check that our calculation answers are reasonable.   We continue to progress through our multiplication tables – keep practising at home!

Year 2 Curriculum Update


Year 2 have continued with their learning journey into adding and subtracting numbers. We have explored the number square to find patterns and we have calculated with multiples of 10.


After completing our brochures we have delved into the mystical world of the ‘Tear Thief’. The children are enjoying the suspense of wondering what will happen next so please don’t read this story during half term! 🙂


Y6 Update

Hi folks

Year six have been learning more about the Ancient Greeks and Odysseus’ adventures.  Using the story as inspiration, we have been writing our own descriptions of gruesome monsters and improving our descriptive writing with SAS sentences – see if your child can give you an example!

In Maths we have been exploring prime numbers, square and cubed numbers with a variety of mind expanding tasks!

In the last two weeks year 6 have performed to the school and parents in no less than three assemblies! We hope you enjoyed them. We are particularly proud of our pastel art depicting Icarus falling from the too-hot sun.

If that wasn’t enough, we also enjoyed two unseasonally warm days in Captain Phillimore’s Woods.

Have a restful weekend ready for another busy week ahead!

Year 6 Team


Year 2 curriculum update


Year 2 have become estate agents, designing and marketing their newly designed properties.

We are looking forward to welcoming our visitors at 3pm on Tuesday where they will be able

to read the brochures we have written.



During the past two weeks we have finished our unit on place and value and begun  work on

adding and subtracting. We are checking that we know all our facts to 20 by heart and have

tried some tricky problems as well.

Year 5 curriculum update

Spy alert!  You may have noticed spies from the Iceni Tribe on a top secret mission to gather information from behind the Roman Army lines. Their  written reports to Boudicca have proved very useful when planning for her next battle.

We have continued to explore large numbers through written column addition, writing short number stories to explain our understanding of calculations.

Keep practising your times tables –  Rockstar passwords have been reissued.

Enjoy the weekend!

Y1 Curriculum Update


We have been thinking about interesting adjectives (describing words) for our lost toy. We had our first go at story writing in Y1, including the three main parts – a beginning, middle and end. We are very proud of the children’s work and we look forward to sharing this with you at parents evening next month.


We have been working on parts and wholes – starting with a whole number and splitting it into 2 parts. For example 8 could be split into 4 and 4 or 6 and 2. Next week we will reinforce this further and begin to look at the corresponding number sentences.


Have a lovely weekend.

Year 4 Curriculum update

Hi friendly folks,

We are all super-duper excited about Magical Minstead. Don’t forget to pack your child’s bag with them.

In English we have been planning a story about, ‘How the (insert animal name) got its (insert feature)’ Here’s an example: How the pig got its curly tail. Ask your child what their story is all about.

In maths we have been working on mental addition and subtraction  facts especially the counting on strategy for subtraction. See if they can tell you how much change you should get the next time you’re in the shops (no-contactless purchases).

For those of you who missed the MInstead meeting we have made a few changes. We are no longer giving out maths skills but please keep practicing times tables and the number facts. We have also changed the spelling lists for some children. Please speak to us if you want more information.

We have also updated the TT Rockstars tables as requested so get a rockin’ (no g)

Have a lovely weekend – Sunday’s weather looks good.

The happy year 4 team