Year 3 Curriculum Update


We were all looking forward to the Cinderella Pantomime last week, our study of the characters alongside  the features of fairy stories made a very enjoyable start to the year. We have now moved on to Legends, starting with Robin Hood and then George and the Dragon. The children have enjoyed describing the characters in detail, especially the dragons!


Our number work has been based around division, revising the use of an empty number line to show working out. We have also explored partitioning 2 and 3 digit numbers in different ways, and will extend this to include money problems next week.

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Year 4 Curriculum Update


Carrie’s War has been the focus of our learning this week. We have been exploring action, events and feelings as we delve into this children’s classic. Carrie’s situation has led us to enquire about evacuees during WWII. We are really looking forward to continuing the story and finding out more about WWII.



The children have worked incredibly hard to bring together their maths skills in order to multiply larger numbers using the grid method. They have practised calculating, solved word problems and completed multiplication challenges presented in different ways.


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Y6 visit to INTECH

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On the 6th January year 6 had a wonderful trip to the marvellous INTECH in Winchester. First they went into the marquee where we put our bags and coats. We then went off to do our own thing. There where lots of activities including The Colon Café where you had to feel poo, a skydiving bit where you put men with parachutes on a fan and they flew up and a mind ball where you controlled a ball with your brain. After lunch we went into the best bit: the planetarium! We sat down and after a few minutes the movie started. It was so cool! We looked at constellations we would have seen that night. We then focused on the planets. Who knew Jupiter had 63 moons! Overall the trip was very exiting with lots to see and do and I would definitely recommend going there.


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2017 Pantomime- Cinderella

Yesterday (5th January 2017) the pupils at Swanmore Primary School experienced a ***** (five star) pantomime based on the classic fairy tale, Cinderella. There was lots of singing and a little bit of dancing. Amazingly 4 actors performed the roles of 7 characters. Having to change costumes between scenes must have been very tiring. Even though the microphones played up sometimes they still carried on. As people say, ‘the show must go on!’ And it did. In an interview, Olivia M, Year 6 said, ‘The show was brilliant! I loved every moment!’ Overall the show was spectacular. If you ever need a bit of entertainment, you should definitely call M&M productions. It was also a wonderful last pantomime for our year sixes who will be leaving soon.


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Year 3 Curriculum Update


As the build up to Christmas continued we all enjoyed sharing special memories from previous years through letters, poetry and posters. We thought of Santa planning his big night, and came up with some amazing additions and alterations for his sleigh – we hope he likes them!


We have explored the properties of 3D shape, using straws to construct carefully measured skeleton shapes alongside practical and written activities. The children have also completed Christmas themed problem solving, ranging from plotting   co-ordinates to  number crosswords and gift surveys.

It has been a fantastic term and we would like to thank everyone for their help and support with our varied activities. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

The Year 3 Team.

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Year 4 Curriculum Update


This week the children have been linking their knowledge of explanation text to their learning in R.E. to explain how and why Mary is special. We have read a Bible extract, story and Christmas carols to explore the role that Mary played in the life of Jesus.


The children have enjoyed reading and plotting coordinates in the first quadrant, applying their knowledge of fractions to find fractions of numbers and adding 2 digit numbers to solve a problem. All of this learning and practice has been dressed in a Christmassy theme.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Year 4 Team!


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Y1 Curriculum Update

Y1 have been very busy getting ready for Christmas!

There were lots to learn for our Nativity production – song lyrics, dances, acting…

We have been taking part in Christmas themed maths investigations this week, filling crackers with hats and toys and carrying out our own census counting around the school.

Mrs Brown, Miss Head and Miss Doran wish you all a very Merry Christmas…we would also like to Thank you for your support this term.

See you in 2017!!

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Year 6 Curriculum Update


Way Home by Libby Hathorn was used as a source for writing.  We finished the newspaper report on flying toads.


We have been learning to convert measures and use a protractor to draw and measure angles.

The children have finished their hand puppets, Greek monster masks and we have concluded our Greek topic.

We have not given the children homework, but expect them to continue to read and practice their times tables over the break.  Have a great Christmas!

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Y2 Curriculum Update


Over the last few weeks much of our time has been spent learning about The Nativity story. We have read lots of Christmas books, practised and performed our nativity “Christmas Counts” and written our own version of the first Christmas. Our challenge with our own writing was to apply as many of the things we have learnt this term e.g. expanded noun phrases, various verbs, adjectives, adverbs and punctuation.


We have been practising our number bonds and multiples of 10. Our work on shape and symmetry has been fun. We looked at lots of different shapes and counted all of the lines of symmetry. We used our maths learning to create symmetrical Christmas decorations and fun partner cards.

Holiday Homework:

Don’t forget that over Christmas the children need to continue reading, write their Thank You cards and start learning the 10 times table.

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Year 5 curriculum update

The last few weeks in Year 5 have been extremely busy!

In English we have been working on Performance poetry. We had fun looking at a range of humorous poems that we used as models to write our own poems on subjects such as skateboarding hamsters, what we want to be and how we have amazing ambitions. We also looked at a poem called ‘Christmas Eve’ written from the viewpoint of a shepherd and we then wrote our own viewpoint poems on the first Christmas. We found this challenging but our poems are thoughtful and reflective.

In Maths the focus has been on the measurement of perimeter and area and how the understanding of certain rules makes this easier. We also discovered that those that know their times tables REALLY WELL found this much easier than those that don’t!!

Along with Christmas partying, artwork for the hall and landscape watercolours, working on our Roman buildings and learning about the prophecy behind the gifts of the Wise Men to Jesus …. you can see we have had a VERY busy time.


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