Y6 Update

Year 6 have been very busy rehearsing for our production of ‘Darwin Rocks’. In addition to this, we have: carried out the health education programme, been writing for our production programme, yearbook and leavers service, planting and growing plants that bees will love, creating bee art (for the Leaver’s Service held at the Portsmouth Cathedral next week), sports day, the list goes on…!
We are looking forward to our induction days at the secondary school, the summer fayre, our performances, and the Leavers service at St Barnabas.
After all that we will deserve our summer break!

What year 6 have been up to!

What an exciting couple of weeks we’ve had!

Last Wednesday a group of us went to Fernham Hall to watch ‘The Sound of Music’. Many sweets were consumed during the wonderful performance! This trip has hopefully inspired our budding thespians who are currently rehearsing for our own performances of ‘Darwin Rocks!’

Despite the soggy weather we’ve been experiencing, we still managed to have a ‘bivvy’ albeit in tents on the field. We enjoyed a campfire singsong, hot chocolate and biscuits before bed.

Bright and early the next morning we were up with the birds, and after a sausage sandwich and juice for breakfast, we headed up to Captain Philimore’s Woods. A scavenger hunt and the obligatory hide-and-seek followed, then a fond farewell to our woods. We were all exhausted (adults included!) but happy.

Y6 Curriculum Update

In our first week back we have been revising how to tackle word problems in maths as well as revising arithmetic strategies.
In English, we have been going through previous SATS questions and learning how to write a report.
In other areas, we have started our Volcanoes topic in Geography, and in Science we have begun to learn about the heart.

Year 3 Curriculum Update

It’s been a short first week back but we have still been busy in Year 3!

A highlight of the week has been our RE day on Wednesday, led my Matt from Southampton City Mission. The children explored the topic of ‘Temptation and Making Choices’ through stories, games and even blog writing!

In maths we have been consolidating our addition and subtraction skills, using the expanded column method.

In English we have started reading a new text: ‘The Whisperer’ by Nick Butterworth. We’ve been developing our use of adverbs, prepositions and direct speech as we have been re-telling parts of this story.

Y6 Curriculum Update

Using our amazing experience in Wales as inspiration, we wrote a recount of one of our adventures, and thank you letters to the adults who were involved in the trips.

This week we have used the authors Roald Dahl and Gerald Durrell to compare styles of autobiographies and used these to write an autobiographical account in the author’s voice.

In maths, we have been understanding and using the notation of ratio, and learning how to divide a fraction by a whole number.

In other areas, we have been busy making fairground rides in Design and Technology and we have designed our own constellation map after researching real constellations. We look forward to showing you these projects on our open afternoon next Thursday at 3pm.

Y4 Curriculum update

Hi all,

We are all super excited about our production as rehearsals continue. We are now fine tuning the acting and singing. There has been a bit of a dip when scripts were no longer allowed on stage but that is perfectly normal and we are confident the children will deliver a great show. However the most important thing has been that we are having great fun practicing for ZOOM! You should receive handmade tickets today. Thanks to you all for your support and if you are finding a suitable costume tricky please let us know.

Despite production rehearsals we have still found time to do English. The children wrote a blurb for the show which was surprisingly tricky. Perhaps you could ask your child to write a blurb for their favourite book at home (you could have a go too) and you’ll see what we mean. We have also introduced them to a little known writer called William Shakespeare and his play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We love a farce in the woods.

In maths we have been deepening our understanding of multiplication and division which has also included using more formal written methods.

Kind Regards

Year 4 team

Y4 Curriculum Update

Hi all,

Half term seems a distant memory but we are all excited about our new project: our production. Rehearsals have started this week and the signs are promising for a fabulous play. Thank you for your support helping the children learn their lines. We have sent home the song lyrics this weekend too.

Maths: We worked at various aspects of time in the first week back and now we are building on our multiplication knowledge and skills.

English: Whilst we were away the children did a lot of punctuation and grammar skills. This week we have looked at play script features and the children wrote their our own scene from ZOOM!

All the best.

Y4 Team

Y1 Curriculum Update


We started our new Project “Senses” with a special senses day. The children completed a range of English based activities about each sense including a bit of food tasting to experience a range of sensations on the tongue…the grapefruit got the best reaction! This week we have started a senses poetry unit so the senses walks in and out of school will support this. We began the unit overloading our senses with a scented classroom filled with textures, sounds and tastes.



We have started to think about multiplication and division through lots of practical tasks involving making groups of and sharing. In multiplication we consider how many groups of something there are e.g there are 3 groups of 10 which makes 30. In division we had to share objects between a given number e.g 12 things shared between 4 gives 3.

Y4 Curriculum Blog

Dear parents,

Thank you to those who were able to come to the open afternoon. It was great to see so many of you. We thought the children danced particularly well and after watching some of the parents we could see where they got their dance move skills from. We were also treated to some quite fabulous boats this morning. Mr Watson was very impressed as were we with the ingenuity and  effort that went into the designs.

In English we have completed Carrie’s War and what an adventure it was. We have written in character as Auntie Louisa, Carrie and Nick, debated the good and bad traits of Mr Evans and listened to some fine Welsh impressions from the teachers.

In maths we have continued to practise written methods for subtraction and addition. The children then applied these skills to word problems. After half term we will be looking at time so any support over half term will be greatly appreciated (what do you mean you don’t have the time).

Just a reminder Mr Hughes and Mrs Jones will both be in Wales with Year 6 after the break but both are looking forward to being back with their classes and beginning rehearsals for the production.

Have a lovely holiday.

Love Y4 team.

Year 5 Curriculum Update


To finish our Beowulf unit, we have written a poem using Tier 2 vocabulary.  We are also exploring characters’ voices in our Let’s Think sessions, using the text, Voices in the Park.


We have been exploring negative numbers, counting forwards and backwards through 0.  We are now moving on to interpret line graphs with positive and negative temperatures.

School trip to Winchester Cathedral – Friday 1st March

Thank you to everyone who has returned their permission and payment slips so promptly.  We are looking forward to visiting Winchester cathedral on the first Friday back after half term and taking part in activities related to our Anglo-Saxons and Vikings project.

Can you help?  Year 5 are collecting cardboard for an exciting DT activity taking place next term.  Please send in any strong cardboard boxes (not too thick as the children will need to cut them with scissors).   Thank you!