Measuring Week in Year 1

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We have been learning all about length in Year 1. First we went on a scavenger hunt in the school grounds to find natural objects and order them from SHORTEST to LONGEST. We compared lots of objects and made sure that we lined them up along the baseline to make it fair.

We have been learning all about traditional tales including Jack and the Beanstalk. Yesterday we were quite shocked to find giant footprints in our classrooms! Some of us decided that we could use them to measure things in the classroom. Firstly we found things longer or shorter than his footprint and then we even used lots of them in a line to measure very long things..even the corridor!

Finally we came across some magic beans… rather than planting them in hope of a beanstalk, we made magic bean rulers! Making sure that our numbers were written the right way round, we carefully laid out our 10 beans and stuck them in a line. We explored the classroom and then rushed outside to find things to measure! We learnt to count in tens and then the ones and made sure we lined them up neatly.

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Year 5 Curriculum Update

Year 5 have continued their wonderful start to the year!

We have been very busy on a range of activities – including practising for the CD recording, learning about Europe and investigating reversible and irreversible changes.

In English we have continued to develop our reading and writing skills through our study of ‘The Silver Sword’. We have written persuasively as well as understanding how authors manipulate sentences to create exciting images and characters.

In Maths we have worked on decimals and fractions – we are currently working on equivalent fractions and how to compare and order fractions.

Thank you for encouraging the learning of spellings and daily reading practice. Each day in class we complete ‘Tables Challenge’ – this is helping to speed up our recall of tables facts.

We look forward to seeing the Europe homework challenge that is due in after the half term break.

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Year 6 Curriculum Update


In English we have been studying the Battle of Marathon.  The children will choose how they will report the information this week.


Last week we consolidated written methods of division including giving remainders as fractions and decimals.  We introduced BODMAS/BIDMAS to the children this week.

The children today received their half term challenge, an Ancient Greek project.  Although the due date is Friday 25th November, many children may want to begin their project over half term.

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Y2 Curriculum Update


We have been learning to write in the past tense (went, flew, saw) and first person (me, my, I). We used these skills to write a diary by Samuel Pepys… I woke up and smelled smoke! I looked out of the window and saw flames flickering over the houses…. London was on fire!!!

We have also been using conjunctions (and, but, so, because) to join sentences together… The fire spread quickly because the wind was blowing and the weather had been dry.


We finished our tricky work of jumping on and back along a number line by bridging through ten. For example:

7 + 9 = 16   We could do this in our heads but we were learning to bridge so we jumped from 7 to the first multiple of 10. This was a jump of 3. We need to jump 9 altogether, but we’ve jumped 3 so now we need to jump 6 more! This uses so many steps and number bonds and will be revisited multiple times this year. This is a skill that takes time to learn but when applied to bigger numbers will be very useful.

We also had a week on measuring things in metres and centimetres.


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Year 3 Curriculum update.

We are all thoroughly enjoying reading our class set of James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl,  using our creative skills to hot seat characters and write detailed character descriptions. We all have a favourite creature!  The children have been exploring different ways to open their sentences, using  adverbs, simile, prepositions, -ing verbs, conjunctions and -ed words. We will continue to develop this skill to “Add spice” to our writing throughout the term.

In maths we have been developing the use of mathematical vocabulary , firstly with shape, exploring right angles within 2D shapes, alongside different types of lines, including horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular. We have just moved on to explore the commutative properties of addition. The children should be experts in the next few days!

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Yr 4 Curriculum update

This week, Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of Minstead. We have explored the stunning New Forest countryside with exhilarating walks through nature reserves, bog lands, meadows and woods. This has been followed by exciting campfire stories, songs and jokes whilst taking in the incredible evening wonders.

The children have also been extending their learning about the importance of conservation and helping to look after the environment by using and eating only what they need and managing resources carefully.

We have enjoyed many moments of laughter (a few tears) and fun together, which have all resulted in creating some fantastic memories, that will be with us always!

Year 4 Team


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 Monday the 10th of September

Today Mrs Jones’s class have gone on their first long trip for 3 days. They have gone to Minstead where they will learn a lot about the woods and more countryside life.

Soon they will return and the next Y4 class will leave for 1 of 3 lovely, long trips.

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Year 1 Toy Museum

Today Year 1 opened their doors for their first Open afternoon.

We were very excited to welcome our visitors to our ‘Toy Museum’.

During the last few weeks we have been learning to write labels and captions.

This helped us to share all the information about our exhibits.

Thank you to all our visitors and everyone who lent us old toys! :)

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Today the school had an open morning for prospective families to look around the school. Several of the Y6 were chosen to be the schools tour guides. They got into pairs and showed our visitors around the classes. Then after the tour the families came back to the hall again and had some tea and biscuits and spoke to Mr Paterson and Mr Flynn.

We hope to see them next year!


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Mouldy bread!

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Y6 have started a new science experiment on mould and micro-organisms. We have put different kinds of things on bread such as tooth paste, guinea-pig, vinegar, bleach and other things and sealed them in bags. Then we filled out a chart so that we can monitor what happens to each piece of bread over time. We are waiting for our results.

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