Year 1 curriculum update

In Maths we are learning about 2 digit numbers and how to place the tens and ones digits.

In English we read a story called Sniffer’s Walk and wrote our own improved version.

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Fabulous Fruit Tasting

As part of our Senses project Year 1 were tasting fruit today!

We made lots of yummy kebabs.

Thank you for our fruit money! 🙂

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Year 5 Curriculum Update

In maths, we have learned a lot about fractions, decimals and percentages.  We are now increasing our speed and accuracy in standard written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We are also applying our skills to solve multi-step word problems.

In English, we have been writing discussion texts, using our learning in history as our context.   Was Alfred really ‘great’?  And were the Vikings just raiders?  Or were they traders, or explorers?

We have enjoyed designing sails, shields and dragon heads for our own Viking longships which we will make next week!

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Year 4 Curriculum update


Over the past few weeks we have been rehearsing for our production, ‘What a Knight’. This has meant honing our speaking, listening and performance skills. We have worked hard to create a great show and are looking forward to entertaining our family and friends next week.

In addition, we have used the production to help us understand how to use and write playscripts. Most recently in English we have begun to look at the work of William Shakespeare and are enjoying unravelling the plot of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. During this time we have also been learning more about fractions of an amount and equivalent decimals which will be included in our forthcoming assessments.

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Year 3 Curriculum Update


Over the last week the children have been putting the finishing touches to their travel guides to Egypt, using their note taking skills to find then present information for travellers on topics such as The Pyramids, River Nile and clues to everyday life in ancient times.

Following our visit to Hartford Stream we have also explored river poetry, with a focus on language, structure and presentation. We are very pleased with our final drafts.


Our recent work has been revising written methods for addition and subtraction, especially expanded column forms. The children have used practical apparatus to support their learning, exploring different problems,  including those with exchange.


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Y6 Curriculum Blog

In maths Year 6 have recently covered ratio, circles and adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. We will now look at word problems.

In English we have written a variety of work based on our Wales trip and looked at autobiographical writing by Roald Dahl and Gerald Durrell. We have just begun a book study on Hollow Earth by J. and C. Barrowman.

We are continuing to make our fairground rides.

Y6 Team

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Year 6 in The Brecon Beacons

Year 6 in The Brecon Beacons on PhotoPeach

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Year 4 Boat Building Challenge

‘Ahoy there me hearties!’

What an adventure Year 4 have had this week, designing, making and sailing their spectacular ships! Once again, Mr Watson set the challenge. We worked on prototypes in class, meeting the specific criteria of making a ship that floats, is waterproof and has a mast and radar. We then went on to improve our designs making them balance and extending the height of the mast and the weight of the radar. Finally, it was launch day! The crowd were excited and cheered as each ship took the plunge. Mr Watson gave the children some expert advice and celebrated the success and the variety of the designs.

Thank you Mr Watson for being such an inspiration.

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Year 4 Curriculum update


We are almost at the end of Carrie’s story. The children have explored how a character changes and develops over time. They have considered positive and negative attributes and developed their discussion techniques. Significant actions and events in the plot have been explored and examined in detail through newspaper reports.



The children have worked hard to extend their written addition and subtraction skills in the context of money. They have also explored negative numbers and data handling with a particular focus on temperature.


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Year 3 Curriculum Update

We have reached the end of our study of legends. The children have been writing their own versions of ‘George and the Dragon’ and have worked very hard at proof-reading, editing and improving their stories. We then turned part of our legend into a playscript. We look forward to performing these with our legend character puppets!

In maths we have been very busy! We have explored the 100 square to see what patterns occur. We then were comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000 and placing them on a number line. We have also been adding and subtracting multiples of 10 and 100, using our knowledge of place value to help. These activities have helped us to deepen and apply our knowledge of 3-digit numbers.

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