Year 6 – Curriculum update


In English we have been studying the features of Newspaper reports, in particular writing in the passive voice using was and were. We wrote newspaper reports about a goat rescue from a cliff ledge and will also be linking this to our work on the book Tuesday.


In maths we have been learning how to find the area of rectangles (base x height), triangles (1/2 base x height) and parallelograms (base x height).  We then moved on to finding the volume of cuboids (length x width x depth).  We also had fun trying to draw cuboids on isometric paper; it was quite tricky!

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Autumn fun

In the corner outside Y2 we discovered that the windy weather had blown in loads of leaves. So what did we do?

We couldn’t miss the glorious opportunity to throw these crispy Autumn leaves!

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School Council Taste Testers!

The School Council were approached by HC3S, the company that provides hot school dinners for the school, to see if members of our School council would take part in taste testing products that may appear on future menus.  The children tried BBQ chicken sausages, tomato risotto crisp bake, salmon fish fingers and garden vegetable goujons!  The children were excellent in their role and thought carefully about the differing offerings presented to them and gave them marks out of ten.

Maybe you’ll get to try some of these in the future! (Mr Flynn liked the risotto the best…)

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Year 5 Curriculum Update

In maths we have been working with fractions, including comparing, ordering, adding and subtracting.  We have also  been learning about tenths and hundredths, and decimal subtraction.

In English we are learning about autobiographies and biographies.  We have researched favourite authors and are now writing their biographies.

Following our visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace, we have been learning about Romulus and Remus and the spread of the Roman Empire.

For Friendship Week, we have been thinking about what bullying means – Several Times On Purpose (STOP) and Intentional, Hurtful, and Happens More Than Once.   We have designed new logos for Power for Good and friendship posters.

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Year 3 curriculum update


Our new project of superheroes has been welcomed with enthusiasm by the children. They have created their own superheroes as well as a special hero for ‘Friendship Week’. Our focus next week is writing in paragraphs by creating amazing adventure stories featuring our new characters.



In maths we have been investigating patterns and sequences involving multiples. The children have been enjoying lots of practical activities involving ‘Numicon’. We’ve explored the inverse relationship between multiplication and division, and applied this to our knowledge of the times tables. We look forward to seeing the positive results this will have on our weekly times tables challenge!

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It’s Year 2 Superheroes!!!!

Curriculum Update:


This week we have been introduced to multiplication. We started with repeated addition(4+4+4+4+4). Then we moved onto using the word ‘times’ (5 times 4). Finally we recorded our calculations using the symbol ‘x’ (5×4).


We had a special Superhero week to support the Anti Bullying / Friendship Week theme “POWER FOR GOOD”. We were reporters like Clark Kent and Peter Parker and wrote questions to interview our Superhero partners. We created our own superheroes and then wrote a Superhero Adventure. We discussed what we thought bullying actually was and how we could be friendship heroes.

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Y6 Curriculum update


We have completed our work on equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, ordering fractions and adding and subtracting fractions. We have also recently been looking at calculating angles. We will be studying parameter and area.


We have completed our work unit of work on The Trojan Horse. Next week we will be basing our work on a picture book called, Tuesday by David Wiesner about flying toads.

Friendship week (Anti-bullying week).

We have discussed the following terms and definitions:

Rude: unintentional, hurtful, one-off

Mean: intentional, hurtful, one-off

Bullying (STOP): intentional, hurtful, happens more than once, even when you ask them to stop or show that you are upset.

The acronym S.T.O.P. (Several Times On Purpose) is the phrase that is familiar with the children in school.

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Year 1 curriculum update


Did you know that subtraction also means taking away and subtract?

Year 1 have been finding out how to practically take away using our fingers or practical objects.

We also used the Numicon and tried to imagine the shapes and colours in our brains!



We continued with our poetry project and today published our Autumn windy poem.

We took our wind streamers outside to feel the wind and help us choose

lots of great describing words.


As it was friendship week we took part in lots of activities and reminded ourselves how to be a good friend.

We discussed the meaning of STOP! (Several times on purpose.)

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Year 4 Curriculum update.


Over the past fortnight the children have been writing their own story based on the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. They have practised good writing skills and created their very own sequel to the story.


This week we have been reviewing our knowledge of fractions. Identifying fractions of shape, equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. Next week we will be learning about decimal fractions.

We have also been thinking about what it is to be a good friend and have designed a logo for friendship.

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Cooking In The Greek Kitchen at Hades

We arrived at Hades all dressed in a variety of Greek outfits, excited and curious of what we were going to do. Initially scared because Hades is hell but it turned out that we made delicious honey cakes that smelt and tasted amazing. After that we made spanakopita filling which was made up of many vegetables the clue is in the name (spinach) . It was really fun to make and the honey cakes smelt delicious of spice and sweetness. Best cooking
session ever!!!!

Next we made Tzatziki, a yoghurt, cucumber and garlic dip.We squeezed the cucumber and got rid of the juice, it was really fun!Then added garlic and yoghurt. Some of us tried the finished product and look forward to trying it again during our Greek Feast this afternoon.

In the kitchen we folded the slimy,oily pastry into a right angle triangle.The onion made my eyes water and drip.once we finished the first tray we continued with on going triangles. When they came out of the oven they had turned in to delicious looking Spanikopata!

When we arrived at Hades its was time to make Garlic Roasted Potatoes. Firstly we took the potatoes and carefully cut them.We didn’t peel the skin off though because apparently they’re very healthy!We chopped the potatoes into yummy looking wedges,not too thin but not too thick. Next we poured some sour lemon juice onto the slices and mixed it all together, it smelt delicious! We grated some garlic into the sweet smelling mixture and it started to look really nice! We shook some oregano onto the potatoes and it was ready to go in the oven!

When we (Tigers) arrived at Hades, we didn’t know what to expect. We were going to make Horiatikisalata (A Greek salad) I thought the name was a bit strange considering it tasted so great! We put lots of ingredients into the salad. We got to try a bit. It was the best thing I have ever tasted!

Then Tigers went down to the hall to make some yummy Greek biscuits (Kourabiedes) which really was our masterpiece! The smell was enchanting,with the icing sugar sprinkled like snow on mountain Olympus! Us Greeks sure do know how to cook!!! We molded them into crescents but we were only allowed to have a small amount of dough which was weird because in the pictures they were absolutely MASSIVE but you’d never guess this, they puffed up into things that looked like balloons all blown up! We all really loved this Greek cooking session and we all wish that we could do it all again!
Next was the feast! We started with a Greek dance competition. All the groups did amazingly including creativity while managing to make it flow. After lots of hard work, Tigers (Merit group) managed to pull off 3 perfect tens. Next Now it was time to eat! Our feast consisted of lots of delectable foods from ancient Greece. We took our time making the most luxurious food for the great banquet.

After an exhausting but fun day, we reluctantly came back to the present day…

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