Year 5 Curriculum Update


We started the term by building our addition and subtraction skills and are getting more efficient with mental and written methods.  We have now moved on to geometry and are enjoying investigating properties of different quadrilaterals as well as measuring and drawing angles using protractors.


We are studying the Anglo-Saxon epic poem, Beowulf, using a variety of texts and film.  We have written a plea for help and a hero’s boastful tale.  We have focused on using precise vocabulary and a range of sentence structures to find the voice of our characters.

What Y6 have been up to!

Happy New Year! We have had a very busy first few weeks of the Spring term. Y6FH have successfully completed their water safety program, and Y6M are looking forward to their 2 sessions over the following two Wednesday afternoons. Don’t forget swim hat and bathers!

In Maths we have been revising angles and long multiplication and in English, we have been looking at poetry. We created our own cinquain about space and the moon. Look out for the homework this weekend on writing ‘Ten Happy Astronauts’ based on a similar poem on the reverse of the sheet.

In Art we used chalk to draw our own moonlit night scene. This week we visited Winchester Science Museum which we all thoroughly enjoyed.
This week we have been busy with practice SAT papers in maths, reading and EGPS.

Year 3 Curriculum Update


In maths we have been doing lots of measuring! Last week we were measuring using money, and have asked the children to review their learning in this week’s homework task. This week we were measuring mass in grams and kilograms. So any baking going on this weekend, the children should be able to accurately assist in weighing ingredients!


The children have been enjoying our new project: Swords, Dragons and Heroes. They have been working hard on creating characters, settings and a plot for their own version of ‘George and the Dragon’. They are looking forward to finishing their drafts next week and then publishing their legends, ready to share with fun partners.

As this is the first blog of the year, we’d like to remind the children to practice their spellings and times tables regularly, and continue to read as often as possible, including reading aloud. We look forward to seeing you again at our ‘Let’s Learn Together’ meeting on Wednesday 6th February. This is an opportunity to discuss ways to support and enjoy reading with your child.

year 2 curriculum update


After the excitement of Peter Pan and our holiday trip to Neverland we have turned our attention to instructional writing. Despite the absence of snow we have managed to write a set of instructions for building snowmen. Hopefully (or maybe not) this may come in handy soon 🙂 Look out for homework this weekend as we will be writing and testing our own choice of instructions next week.


Money, money, money!  We have looked at coins and notes and made totals with them, using lots of strategies. Next week we will be giving change………..

Y4 Curriculum Update

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year to you all.

We’ve been back for two weeks and we’ve made a great start to the new term. The Blitz pictures look amazing and water bottle planes have started construction (they’re fly like overfed penguins but they’re look great).

In maths we have been finding unit fractions (1/3, 1/10…) of a set and non-unit fractions (2/3, 7/10…) of a set. Impressive! We have also ordered decimals which the children did brilliantly. A little bit of shape next week.

In English we have been inspired by the book Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden (an author that is no relation to Mr Hughes – see previous blog about The Iron Man). The children wrote super accounts of being evacuated using lots of ‘Tier 2’ emotion words. From now on when you ask them how they are, do not accept simple replies of ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ but expect such delicious responses such as ‘exhilarated’ and ‘despairing’ if they look confused and say, ‘flummoxed’  that’s just splendid. We will be letting you know about a reading meeting soon when we will talk more about tier 2 words and other helpful information.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in World War II memorabilia – it really helps bring the subject to life.

Year 4 team

Y1 Curriculum Update


Following our trip to Marwell Zoo the children have written lots of descriptive pieces about different animals and a recount of their trip.

We have read Handa’s Hen and written our own counting sentences using a the simple three word format: number/adjective/noun e.g. one fat hippo, two tall giraffes, three climbing monkeys….


During week one we looked at the fractions half and quarter. We had to remember the very important fact that each part had to be equal especially if we share cake or chocolate!

This week we have been using addition partition facts e.g. 5+2=7, 3+4=7 and then using these facts to write subtraction sentences i.e if 2+5=7 then 7-2=5 and 7-5=2. We have done this practically and then recorded.

Year 6 Curriculum Update

These past two weeks have been very busy. The Bikeability course ran for both classes, and in between, we were finding out more about the Ancient Greeks, creating our own Greek monster face masks and finishing our moving mouth hand puppets.

Whilst all this was going on in one class, the other class were writing a recount from a flying toad’s perspective!
(ask your child about the picture book ‘Tuesday’).

In maths, we have been completing our unit on fractions, concentrating on percentages – converting fractions into percentages, and finding percentages of amounts in a variety of contexts.

We will be enjoying the Christmas traditions of Carols around the Tree next Friday, and on Thursday we have our Christmas party. Your child has brought home their invitation. I am sure it will be a fun filled afternoon.

Merry Christmas from all the Year 6 team.

Year 3 Curriculum Update


This week in maths we have been collecting and presenting data in a variety of ways. This work extends to the children’s homework challenge, to survey friends and family about their favourite Christmas carol! We look forward to analysing the data next week.


The festivities have reached our English learning, as we read ‘Dear Father Christmas’ only to find an informative guide about magical sleigh-pulling, ice-cream eating reindeer. We are now working on producing our own information leaflet all about the other reindeer in the world (the non-magical kind!) using headings, subheadings and other non-fiction features.

We want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and thank you for your support this term.

Year 2 curriculum update

We completed our retelling of the Christmas story based on the viewpoint of a Bethlehem animal.
We used lots of ideas from ‘The Fox’s tail’ by Nick Butterworth to make our story as exciting as possible.

We also completed our Maths unit on multiplication and have been learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables as well as solving problems.

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas production of ‘The Inspectors’.
We certainly had great fun learning the songs, words and dances.

Y4 Curriculum update

Dear festive friends,

Thank you so much for all your support this week. For those of you who could make it, the samba concert was LOUD but also pretty musical and the children did fantastically well. A special thank you must go to Mrs McIntyre for all her hard work. The children approached the Enterprise Project with huge enthusiasm and energy and produced some pretty fine goods to sell. It was lovely watching the children selling back to you the jars you had sent in (even Sir Alan Sugar would be impressed by that). It felt like Winchester Christmas Market but better. Not only have the children’s business acumen improved but Mr Down cooked his first ever ginger-bread biscuits. He said he won’t be baking any time soon at home though. We raised over £125 for the St. George Foundation which is a very worthy cause.

We’ve also been doing other stuff as well. The children invented and wrote detailed explanations about a Christmas Cracker Machine and in maths we have been doing more converting of lengths. We also did a quick assessment on reading an analogue clock. Your child should have a letter about it. We are also sending home how they did with the Maths Facts – decimals and fractions. Have a look and see how they did.

The next blog will be in the New Year and Mr Hughes will be one year away from fifty when he returns. I know what you are thinking – how does he look so young? He’s like Cliff Richard or Pierce Brosnan and he never moisturizes. The secret apparently is hardly any drink and dark chocolate.

Happy Christmas and New Year to you all. Thanks again for all your support and enjoy a lovely holiday with your lovely children.

Year 4 team.